Non-surgical Photofacial IPL treatments use pulsed (rapidly flashing) laser light to penetrate to the lower layers of skin and target common skin conditions such as sun-damage, skin spots, blood vessels, and hyper-pigmentation. IPL is a common treatment for melasma and is also able to tighten and tone the skin. IPL is an FDA approved treatment that can address skin many common problems on the face, neck, hands, chest and body. Our Photofacial IPL treatments set the standard for photorejuvenation treatments throughout Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

An IPL photofacial treatment series will usually consist of 4-5 sessions that are spaced at least 3-4 weeks apart.

Many patients need as few as 3 sessions to see the best results. Each session generally takes as little as 15-20 minutes and leaves the skin feeling immediately smoother and healthier. To maintain results patients often return once a year for touch-up treatments.

Anesthesia is generally unnecessary, but patients with sensitive skin can be provided a topical numbing cream on request which when applied before treatment provides adequate alleviation to make IPL tolerable for even patients with the most sensitive of skin. Because the procedure is non-invasive and performed using only lasers, there is virtually no recovery time. Immediately after treatments patients may experience some redness or flushing but should be able to return to any daily activities as normal without any visible signs of a cosmetic procedure. There is little to no post-operative discomfort but a small number of patients may experience temporary swelling, bruising or mild blistering.

The results from our photofacial IPL can last for many months if the recommended treatment series is completed and can provide lasting effects especially when accompanied with a proper skin care regimen. Some patients may wish to come in after 1-2 years for touch-up treatments, but these are generally less extensive and can be completed in a much short amount of time.

Our medical professionals will be able to assess the condition of your skin and recommend a treatment schedule tailored to the needs of your skin and your availability. They can also inform you of the various pricing and payment schedules.

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