What Is Thermismooth?

Thermismooth is a non-invasive skin-tightening procedure being offered by Dr. Paul Nassif at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery. There are two types: Thermismooth Face and Thermismooth Body. The latter received FDA approval in December 2015 after a clinical trial. Both procedures involve using radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production and make the existing collagen fibers tighten, so the skin becomes more taut and youthful-looking. Collagen is a protein found in skin and connective tissues that makes the skin strong and elastic.

As a person ages, their body produces less and less collagen, so their skin gets thinner and less elastic. Consequently, their skin wrinkles and sags. The Thermismooth device heats collagen fibers to over 40° C (104° F) and thus makes them contract, so they pull the skin taut.

ThermiSmooth Beverly Hills

Why Have A Thermismooth procedure?

Thermismooth treatments are gentle, non-invasive and painless. Many patients enjoy them and say the treatments feel like a hot stone massage. The patient does not need any type of anesthesia, so they do not need to worry about any of the associated risks. The results of Thermismooth treatments can last for over a year. The Thermismooth Face device is small and gentle enough to be used around and under the eyes.

It can get rid of crows’ feet and creases with no harm to the client. Thermismooth Face can even be used on the eyelids. Unlike many skin treatments like lasers, Thermismooth does not affect pigment. It is therefore a safe treatment for people with dark skin. Thermismooth also does not involve removing the topmost skin layers or other tissues. It only heats the collagen fibers within the dermis. Consequently, it has a much shorter recovery time than do procedures like dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. Thermismooth procedures can be combined with other treatments like dermabrasion or facials.

Thermismooth Procedures

Thermismooth Face

Thermismooth Face can be performed anywhere on the neck and face, even around such sensitive areas as around the eyes. The technology used is called ThermiRF and includes an application device, a radiofrequency generator, and an infrared camera. The entire platform can be kept on a wheeled workstation. The ThermismoothRF has FDA approval.

During the procedure, the dermatologist applies a cool gel to the treatment site. The Thermismooth application device is a hand-held gadget about the same size and shape of a pen. It emits radiofrequency energy and has a built-in thermometer to monitor the temperature. The ThermiRF can ensure that the temperature remains within the desired range and maximize the patient’s comfort. The device is connected to the infrared camera that also monitors the patient.

The dermatologist moves the device in circles across the patient’s skin. The radiofrequency energy penetrates to the dermis where the collagen is without affecting the epidermis. After finishing the procedure, the dermatologist wipes the gel off, and the patient goes home. The patient will typically need three to six treatment sessions spread over six to eight weeks to get the best results.

Thermismooth Body

The Thermismooth Body procedure can be used on almost any part of the body. The technology used is called Thermi250, and it includes a radiofrequency generator, application device and monitor. It has been approved by the FDA.

The dermatologist outlines the treatment area with a magic marker. If they are treating a large area like a leg or back, they outline several treatment zones. During the procedure, the dermatologist will work on one zone at a time. They apply a menthol cream to the treatment site, so the device can run smoothly over the area.

The dermatologist sets a maximum temperature, so the device gets hot enough to be effective without getting too hot for the patient’s comfort. They move the device back and forth over the treatment zone. They never just hold it still over a particular spot, for that would likely burn the patient. When they have finished, they wipe the cream off and send the patient home.

The patient usually needs about four to six treatments spread over six to eight weeks to get the best results.

Are You A Candidate?

Thermismooth is a safe and effective treatment for any skin color. Since the procedure does not affect pigment, people with dark skin may safely undergo treatment.

Thermismooth can also be used by people who have undergone other procedures. It is an effective treatment for just about any patient seeking treatment for skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The best candidates will patients in good overall health with realistic expectations. Thermismooth will not produce the dramatic results seen with surgery.

ThermiSmooth FAQ

How long will the procedure last?

The length of the procedure depends on the size of the treatment area. For example, treating the whole face and neck takes about an hour. Many procedures take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Are there risks?

Thermismooth is painless. Some patients have said it feels like a hot stone massage. The technology is designed to keep the temperature at a certain level to maximize both results and the patient’s comfort.

The most common side effects seen in Thermismooth Face are redness and swelling. These effects generally fade within an hour. Some people also note that there skin feels tighter, but that also fades.

What can I expect after the procedure?

The patient’s skin will appear pink immediately after the procedure, but it will fade to its normal coloring within minutes. If the patient got a facial treatment, they will be able to apply make-up immediately afterwards. The patient should wear sunscreen when venturing outside.

Many clients start to see results after the first treatment, but it usually takes three to six months for the full effects to become apparent. Many dermatologists recommend single maintenance treatments every nine to twelve months.

How soon can I return to work?

The patient may return to work right after the procedure. There is no downtime.

To learn more about Thermismooth or learn if you are a candidate, contact Dr. Paul Nassif at the Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery. His office phone number is 310-275-2467.

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