In a society that idolizes perfection, many more people have been turning to plastic surgery than ever before. The rise in plastic surgery has called for better plastic surgeons who specialize in facial reconstructive surgery. One of those surgeons is Dr. Nassif, M.D., F.A.C.S. who works out of Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Nassif’s years of experience shows that he knows which new treatments to try. One such treatment is ThermiTight.

What is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is a skin tightening non-surgical procedure used by plastic surgeons like Dr. Nassif. This procedure involves the administration of a small thermistor probe under the skin to heat sub-dermal tissues in order to increase collagen production under the epidermis. The temperature of these sub-dermal tissues are regulated and monitored by the system’s computer. The results of this procedure should result in diminished fat pockets and tightened skin as well as a more youthful appearance and fewer instances of cellulite.

ThermiTight Beverly Hills

Why Have A ThermiTight Procedure?

As people age, they find that their skin loses some of its elasticity. Many people see their neck and lower jawline sag over the years, which can lead to a decrease in self-confidence. This procedure is great for those who have concerns with going “under the knife” as it only requires the use of local anesthesia.

For those with a busy schedule, this procedure can be conducted during a lunch break since it usually takes about thirty minutes with little to no swelling or bruising over the next week. Many doctors do recommend at least one days rest after the procedure to ensure the best results possible. The ThermiTight procedure is not for those who want or need instant results. The results of this procedure are usually seen after three months and can continue to improve over the next eighteen months.

ThermiTight Procedure

Since this process is generally conducted under local anesthesia, individuals are awake throughout the procedure. The ThermiTight process is often comfortable for people but for those that become uncomfortable, their plastic surgeons can provide pain relief aids. During the ThermiTight procedure, the plastic surgeon will insert an electrode to the lower layers of the skin to deliver certain radio-frequencies. These radio-frequencies stimulate collagen production beneath the epidermis so that the skin continues to tighten for months after the procedure is finished. After the surgery is completed, patients should expect some slight swelling and/or bruising. These are the most common side effects of the ThermiTight procedure and they tend to disappear in less than two weeks. Unlike other skin-tightenting surgeries, the ThermiTight system is, for the most part, only needed once. For serious cases of sagging skin, plastic surgeons recommend a second treatment after three to five months for better results.

Who Is Able To Receive This Surgery?

ThermiTight is best for those who want a minimally invasive surgery that will provide long lasting results. Candidates for this surgery include people with loose or sagging skin on the neck, abdomen, face, upper arms, or even the knees that is not drastic enough for invasive plastic surgery. There is not a general age for this surgery as people of any age can suffer from loose and sagging skin. Unfortunately, this surgery is not recommended for patients using blood thinners as it may cause extreme bruising or the formation of hematomas under the skin.

ThermiTight FAQ

How long will the procedure last?

This procedure typically lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Just like other surgeries, the larger the area that is being affected, the longer the procedure will take. While the surgery does not last very long, the results can take a while to become visible. The results generally begin to show after one month and finish up after three months. Since there is an increase in collagen production, patients can expect to see skin becoming more and more youthful looking and firm up to eight months later.

How soon can I return to work?

Patients can return to work as soon as they feel ready and comfortable. It is suggested that they wait until most or all of the swelling and redness has gone away. However, some patients return to work right away with no complications. Patients should consult with their doctor to see when is the right time to resume daily activity as everyone’s body handles surgeries differently.

What can I expect after the procedure?

For those who undergo the ThermiTight surgery, they can typically see some swelling, redness and bruising for the next few days. This side effect is not serious and usually goes away with some ice. Since this procedure is a micro invasive surgery, patients can return to work virtually right away with little to no downtime. Some plastic surgeons do suggest that patients rest for a day or two however it is not a requirement for the results of the surgery to show.

Are there risks for doing the ThermiTight procedure?

For some people, the swelling and redness that comes from the procedure is uncomfortable and lasts longer than expected. If this happens, the patient should talk to their doctor about properly treating the symptoms without causing more irritation to the site where the probe was inserted. A rare risk for this surgery is temporary nerve damage at the application site. While it is uncommon, patients doing this surgery should be aware of the possibility as it is a known side effect. Patients must remember that before any surgery they should talk to their doctor about all known side effects especially if they are taking certain medications at the time.

Dr. Nassif and ThermiTight Surgery

This surgery deals with skin and facial reconstruction, which is one of Dr. Nassif’s specialties. Dr. Nassif specializes in using natural results for surgeries regarding aging skin. The ThermiTight surgery is a very natural procedure as it stimulates collagen , which is the main conductor for the skin tightening results. Dr Nassif’s many certifications within plastic surgery makes him a great doctor for anyone considering this procedure. For those with any questions about the surgery or those that want to achieve those results can visit Dr. Nassif at his office at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology in Beverly Hills, California.

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