I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Nassif 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

RhinoplastyI had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Nassif 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I’m sure you can see the improvement in my appearance, despite the blurred face. I researched VERY thoroughly before my rhinoplasty and spent thousands of dollars trotting the globe to find the right surgeon. I met with Prof. Palma, Dr. Julian Rowe Jones, Dr.Dean Toriumi, Dr. Sam Rizk and finally Dr. Nassif. I was satisfied with all my consultations, but really clicked with Dr. Nassif on a personal level. I found him very charismatic, informative and extremely in depth at the consultation, so I had no hesitations booking. Even before I ventured on all my consultations, I was leaning towards Dr. Nassif, just based on his reputation.
I’ve had complications from nose fillers in the past (necrosis in the tip), so I was desperate to find the most skilled surgeon possible. Dr. Nassif mentioned that he deals with a lot of noses that have had complications from nose fillers, which made me feel confident in my decision to choose him as my surgeon.

My surgery was relatively straight forward and the recovery wasn’t too bad (although the first 4 days were not fun). Dr. Nassif trimmed the hump in my nose and also raised my tip, which you can see in the picture. It’s made such a difference to my appearance already, but ironically none of my friends, family or girlfriend knew I had anything done (i didn’t tell anyone). A tribute to Dr. Nassif’s ability to create natural looking results. I had a rough idea of what I wanted my nose to look like from the side profile, but i left it all in Dr. Nassifs hand as I had so much faith in his abilities.

My nurse, patient co-coordinator and personal on call doctor were fantastic and always on hand when I needed them. My only advice to people is not to underestimate the recovery and if you’re booking with Dr. Nassif, I highly recommend the after care facility they use, called Serenity after care. The nurses at that clinic are actual angels ! I stayed there on my first night, which was a difficult night for me, but I had constant care throughout my entire stay there.

*Also note, my pic is only 2 weeks post op, so there is still significant swelling* The final results should be a lot more defined, but even if it remains like this…..I’ll be over the moon. Big thanks to the Nassif team and the serenity after care team and last but not least, thanks to Dr. Nassif for doing what he does !


Dear Dr. Nassif,

It’s been less than a month since my surgery and I’m writing to say thank you very much for the numerous hours spent operating on my nose and mouth. The outcome for me is perfection! I had no idea that my results would be so perfect. I waited 45 years for these results and so thankful for you and your staff. You have amazing clinical skills like no other and I trusted you with my face and my life. I don’t think there is any surgeon as gifted and talented as you and it was nice to see you are passing your knowledge and experience to upcoming surgeons.

Traveling from North Carolina to see you was the best decision I’ve ever made; I would do it again and again. I cannot thank your staff Ana and Abi enough for the professionalism, warmth, personal service and attention to every detail. Also important here to express my gratitude for Ozzy, my nurse. She was so sweet, efficient and attentive. I hope I didn’t talk her into a coma after my surgery…I did chat quite a bit after waking up.

Again, my sincere thanks to everyone at Nassif Plastic Surgery; the experience was wonderful.

Best Wishes.

From: Anonymous



Let’s face it. For those of us contemplating going -under-the-knife, Plastic Surgery IS rocket science.

Whatever the Procedure, this is never a Walk-in-the-Park. Inherent risks accompany the most-skilled of surgeons. And, Dr. Nassif is just that. I did my research. His credentials are impeccable.

But impressed though I was, I arrived more than a little nervous for my consultation. My surgical objectives: necklift and upper-eye lift.

First impressions are everything. My first impression of TeamNassif: If government was run like this office, we’d all be better off. This is a large staff and from Day One, I have anecdotal evidence that each and every one of them has gone Above and Beyond for me. This is a well-chosen crew. Besides that, I’m always welcomed like a long-lost relative. And, I like the cucumber water.

As to Dr. Nassif- his is brutally honest, maddeningly meticulous, always compassionate- and a ton of fun.

Everyone I met in the O.R. was friendly and highly Professional. I’d say more, but I was mostly asleep.

Months later, my eyes and neck look really good. I have opted for a myriad of office Procedures to enhance healing and surgical results. All to my satisfaction.

So, while going-under-the-knife was definitely not a walk-in-the-park, my unwavering trust in Dr. Paul Nassif has been deservedly well-placed.

Dr. Paul Nassif is an accomplished facial plastic surgeon who is Trusted with Faces Worldwide and Trusted with Noses Worldwide ™. Read the many testimonials from Dr. Nassif’s patients.


Dr. Nassif is a really cool guy. Went in for botox and was reluctant, but the friendly staff immediately made me feel at ease. After the botox fully took effect I noticed that the wrinkles in the area looked a lot better.

Overall I am happy with my results… Five Stars! I will definitely be back!

Christy L

Let’s face it there are parts of the aging process that are the pits. When I finally worked up the courage and started doing research I chose Dr. Nassif to do my consultation. I was so pleased that he offered the consultation free of charge which was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. When I arrived for my appointment I was treated with the upmost respect and welcomed to the practice. His staff is highly knowledgeable, friendly, and takes the time to listen and address all of my needs. The office itself is pleasing to the eye, clean, and comfortable. I did not have to wait long before I was taken back to an examination room. Dr. Nassif arrived shortly thereafter and listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. While he suggested all of my treatment options he made me feel at ease and very comfortable. He is very supportive of me and helped me establish a timeline to plan my future treatments. His vast knowledge and experience put me at ease and I decided to do my first treatment of fillers around my mouth which was really bothering me. He numbed the area with a topical cream and carefully injected the sites needed. Knowing that I am new to the world of cosmetic procedures he decided to keep my treatments as minimal as possible while still achieving an amazing result with very little swelling. I was so pleased when he handed me the mirror that I almost cried from relief. Dr. Nassif has great hands, a wonderful bedside manner, and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.


I was unhappy with the hollowness under my eyes. After examining me, Dr. Nassif recommended a PRP with Fillers to deal with the hollows and refresh my mid-face. I had never had fillers before, so I had a lot of questions about this treatment which also uses Platelet Rich Plasma from your blood. Dr. Nassif was patient in explaining everything to me and I decided to go for it! I’m a chicken when it comes to needles, but I can say that the injections (one on each side of the face) weren’t bad…I just felt some pressure. After Dr. Nassif completed one side of my face, he gave me a mirror so I could compare. It was amazing to see the side with the treatment immediately look so much better. It’s been 2 weeks since the procedure and I’m really happy with the results. Beyond getting rid of the hollows, my cheeks are subtly lifted and I look rested…just what I wanted. Yay!

Alyssa B.

I went to Dr Paul Nassif’s office for a hydrafacial with Aubrie. I was quite satisfied with all aspects of my visit. The waiting room was comfortable with ‘spa’ water available while you wait. Always a plus! The receptionist were friendly & helpful as well.

I had never had a hydrafacial before & didn’t know what to expect. Aubrie was fantastic. She explained the procedure to me. And asked what my skin concerns were. I told her & she customized the facial for my personal issues. I liked the products she used on me. She suggested several things she thought would be good for my skin type. But wasn’t pushy at all. And when I didn’t get any of them, she was fine. I left that day with glowing, hydrated happy skin! And, it stayed hydrated for a while after my facial. Oh, and she’s great at extracting mila. Not every facialist is good but she did a fantastic job.

I give her and Dr Paul Nassif’s office 5 stars…and I’m going back next month for the same facial…and probably going to buy the retinol cream Aubrie recommended for me. Excited to have glowing skin again!

Amy K.

I just left Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery after my revision rhinoplasty consultation. I was very impressed with my consultation. Dr. Yoo and Dr. Nassif created a new look for me on their computer and I love it! They were both very kind and helpful in explaining what the surgery would entail. Really, everyone in the office was very helpful and while I am still in the very early stages of visiting various rhinoplasty specialists, I really have a good feeling/connection about this office.


I can’t believe how cool this office is!! They were so kind to me from beginning to end. For years and years I’ve had issues sleeping. When I was kid I fell off of a bike and broke my nose! It never healed properly and I have been living in HELL for so long. I didn’t even realize I could have this fixed. A gf of mine told me about Dr. Nassif and I never thought I’d be able to get an appointment with him, but I did!! He was soooooo sweet and comforting. All of the many years of fear that I had suddenly left me and I found myself signing for treatment the day I went in! I got my surgery for my nose job and I swear not only can I finally sleep, but my nose looks better than it ever has before!! An Fyi, I was able to get some of the payment taken off from my insurance! I had a few options of doctors in the office, which I thought was so cool, but I ended up going with Dr. Nassif because… jeesh, it’s HIM! I’d send my child here if I needed to. Before the surgery, I started looking tired and having bags under my eyes and I swear after just a couple of months of healing, I don’t look tired anymore (sleeping) and I just look and feel better. I’ve been literally composing this Yelp in my head for 3 months. Thank you Dr. Paul! Now I can finally rest.


Having my surgery done at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery and Dermatology has been a wonderful experience that left me with a beautiful life-changing result. My sincere thank you to my surgeon, Dr. Donald Yoo, Dr. Paul Nassif, who did a non-surgical procedure on me, Ana, Janet, Diana and all the other nurses, my anesthesiologist and the entire staff who have been very helpful, compassionate, polite, supportive and concerned about my well-being. This place offers the highest quality of professionalism, personal service, safety and superior result. From my initial consultation, through surgery, and post surgical and follow-up care, they were always there for me, especially Dr. Yoo, who would call and send me messages on my phone to ask how I am doing. In this day and age, you seldom have a personal, professional and caring relationship with a doctor who treats you like family. I would recommend this place to my friends and anyone who asks and I will always come back if I want additional services.


Always a great day visiting Dr.Nassif and his awesome team. Feeling the love for sure. Feeling good and looking better, Thanks all, see ya next time!


I just left Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery after my revision rhinoplasty consultation. I was very impressed with my consultation. Dr. Yoo and Dr. Nassif created a new look for me on their computer and I love it! They were both very kind and helpful in explaining what the surgery would entail. Really, everyone in the office was very helpful and while I am still in the very early stages of visiting various rhinoplasty specialists, I really have a good feeling/connection about this office.


Everyone who works at Spalding Drive is amazing.I’ve been a patient since Dr. Amron and Dr. Nassif moved their practice to Beverly Hills. Thank you all for your great work and care you give your patients.


Outstanding results and amazing people! Without a doubt, they’re simply the best. It’s worth the time and effort for me to fly to LA to see Dr. Nassif and his staff. The “outcome” is always fantastic and the customer service level is an added bonus! I’ll continue flying to LA to see Dr. Nassif and the staff at Spalding Drive Surgery, plain & simple. They’re worth the trip!


I had a treatment recently with Dr. Nassif at his NYC office. I am very happy with my results. I was very careful to select the best doctor. I had hollow eyes and after a treatment of Restylane I look more youthful! I had no bruising and the procedure was painless. I highly recommend him.


Always a great day visiting Dr.Nassif and his awesome team. Feeling the love for sure. Feeling good and looking better, Thanks all, see ya next time!


Love this place. Staff is so friendly, and the docs are so knowledgeable.


Very friendly and helpful staff. Doctors I have seen (Dr. Yoo and Dr. Nassif) were very professional, competent and patient. They walked me through all the details of potential surgery, provided me with digital morphing and explained all pros and cons. If you are considering a rhinoplasty, make sure you see Dr. Nassif. He is very different to other surgeons and will never recommend a rhinoplasty unless you really need one and have reasonable expectations that can be met. Simply amazing doctor. Can’t but mention Anna, patient coordinator, who managed to arrange my consultation on a hectic day just to make it work for me. Thanks a lot for this.


I had rhinoplasty and a chin implant. Dr. Nassif and his staff are amazing. They all make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Griffin visited me at my hotel the night of my surgery to see how I was doing. Overall great experience!!


From the first phone call to make an appointment, I was treated with such professionalism and kindness. The staff is wonderful and very accomadating. Dr. Nassif spent a good deal of time explaining my procedure and was very detailed and focused. After meeting with three other “specialists” in California I’ve decided to go with Dr. Nassif. I recommend anyone looking to improve or fix something on their appearance to consider Spalding Plastic Surgery Center.


Dear Dr. Nassif,

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am with my surgery. It’s something that I’ve been wanting for a long time and it feels like I finally got what I was hoping for. I really hope you always remember how meaningful your work is and the impact it has on people’s lives-that is definitely the case for me. Can’t wait for the final result and being able to breathe again. Thank you for taking your time and being the best!

Happy holidays to you, Dr. Griffin and the rest of your amazing staff!

All the best,


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Jan Everitt

I’m a 55 yr old blue class worker from north eastern Ohio. I’m your typical country girl I live in a small township called Mecca (not the melting pot). I’ve worked [for] 31 years in a factory and also own the family campground . Through the years I’ve always been conscious of the changes in my appearance. My grandmother had the lines of the Great Depression and wisdom carved into her face,which were like the rings of a tree. And my mother had similar lines she was a smoker and a heavy sun bather for 50 yrs. I on the other hand had the same line forming genetics I suppose since I have never smoked or baked myself, well maybe a little in the 70’s.

I’ve always said when the time is right I will get a facelift, well it was now!

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If you’re sitting in the nice leather comfortable chairs in Dr Nassif’s office, wondering if you are doing the right thing, if you really need something as frightening as “cosmetic surgery” then keep reading.

Not long ago I was sitting in that same very chair wandering if I should walk out the door before they called my name.

But I didn’t, I stayed and I spoke to Dr Nassif. He wasn’t the only doctor I went to. He was the third. But the only one who had ONE definite plan for what he wanted to achieve with my nose, and the only one who promised that it WOULDN’T be 100 percent perfect.

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Steve Rauterkus

In November 2009, I had a Mohs surgery performed on my upper left forehead. Due to the extensive surgical margins it left a sizeable hole in my forehead. Within short notice, Dr. Nassif fit me into his busy schedule the following morning to perform reconstructive surgery on the forehead.

Dr. Nassif and the entire staff exemplify professionalism. The surgery coordinator is remarkably efficient. She expedited the insurance papers over and was very helpful in any questions or concerns of mine. The front desk are always warm, friendly and hospitable. The nursing staff are extremely well-trained and always concerned for any of your needs. They never fail to follow-up. The entire surgical team work flawlessly and non-stop to assure you are comfortable.

Dr. Nassif is attentive, confident, trustworthy and candid. He will not promise anything and he is straightforward with you about your case. He is meticulous at archieving or presenting aesthetically pleasing results. His attention to detail is remarkable. I can surely attest to this! I am 4 1/2 months into post-op and you could never tell I had major reconstructive surgery.

Thank you Dr. Nassif and the entire Staff!!

Steve Rauterkus

Patient Experiences-Nancy

Nancy: Today I’m having a browlift, a marionette procedure, chin implant, and also the fat removal around the neck. I’ve always wanted to have that Caucasian crease, and I’ve been putting it off putting it off and here I am 59 years old and now I’m having it done. My main thing is to hide the eyes, I’ll put a lot of black eyeliner on it which I hate doing. When you go out you have to put makeup on.

Dr. Nassif: Nancy came to me a while ago and her goal was basically to look better all over her face.

Good morning Nancy.

Nancy: How are you doctor?

Dr. Nassif: I’m doing great.

So she asked my opinion, Dr. Nassif what do you think I need? So we talked about doing something with her eyes, her cheeks, her smile lines or marionette lines, her chin everything. I think she’s realistic and I think she’ll do great with this surgery.

I’ll take good care of you alright.

Nancy: Ok. Thank you very much.

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Joan’s Facelift Experience

Joan: Today we are doing a lower facelift. The doctor is going to try to address this – well I call it a lump, he has a better name for it. He’ll go inside and remove some fat here.

Dr. Nassif: Good morning Joan.

Joan: Well good morning Dr. Nassif.

Dr. Nassif: When I first met Joan one of the things we discussed was what she wanted and you know if it was up to her she’d have everything absolutely lifted up to she looks 25 years old.

Joan: What we did on Tuesday, and Dr. Nassif-that’s why I look sort of not very pleasant today, filled in the fat.

Dr. Nassif: Previously she had trauma to that area where she fractured the whole cheek bone, so we wanted to fill that area in.

Joan: And of course it seems to be taking nicely, but I’m very happy with the results I’m seeing already on this.

Juanita Silva RDH, HAP

Dear Dr. Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS

It has been 6 months since my surgery. I cannot thank you enough. You have done so much for me. You did my second corrective nasal procedure. I had the following; nasal obstruction secondary to deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, internal valve collapse and deviated nasal bones causing inlet obstruction. You also discovered that I had an open roof deformity which you also corrected. You are so wonderful. Your surgery took approximately 4 hours. You had a lot on your plate that day and yet you took your time to repair all the damage. Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Pamela Pierson Anesthesiologist and staff, you are all amazing kind and very professional. Your surgical facility was also wonderful, including all of the staff. Dr. Nassif, not only did you put my nose in the middle of my face, but you corrected my breathing. You also gave me a wonderful gift.

Soon after the removal of the Doyle splints from my nostrils, I drove back home. There I found that my 11 year old triplets were freshly bathed and shampooed. I immediately started crying, I could smell the tops of my babies heads. Wow! I could smell! You gave me something every mother loves to do, smell their babies’ heads. You also gave me my sense of smell back. Prior to surgery we had discussed all the risks including that my nose may still not be in mid sagital plane. Soon after surgery you also sent me to see a specialist due to the history of chronic sinus infections. Your continued support and care means a great deal to me, as to your professionalism and kindness, it speaks volumes. Thank you for giving me a very nice nose, for the breaths of life and for my sense of smell. You are the best! May my heavenly father bless you and your family! God has certainly given you a wonderful gift. You are, but an artist. Thank You for sharing your gifted talents with others. On a professional note, next time I have a family member or patient who needs your services, I will definitely send them your way.

Warm regards,
Juanita Silva RDH, HAP

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PR Lad

I flew in for my surgery with Dr. Nassif. I got a revision Rhinoplasty done… my previous one done 10 years ago left my nose crooked & made me self conscious… I found Dr. Nassif on the web and after a skype consult, I was convinced he was the right person for me.

I cannot put into words how incredibly my experience has been. He has fantastic listening & communication skills. He was attentive & realistic at my pre-op consult. He was SO PATIENT and spent time understanding my issues. Hit team Lisa, Janet and Aubrey are the same… So very patient & kind. They took away the anxiety & nervousness and made me very very comfortable…

My biggest moment of gratitude to Dr. Nassif was when 1 week post-op I developed a rash on my ear. He immediately set me up for a dermatologist appt. and personally called the dermatologist to make sure I was ok! That is rare in any doctor in the world! I was so very touched and he really made me feel he cared.. HE is INCREDIBLE
And my sister and mom had so much faith in his skill, that my sister got her septoplasty done as well!
I am THRILLED with my results. My nose is smooth & symmetrical… Is swollen but looks like its gonna be a beautiful nose J

Dr. Nassif I am so lucky & grateful to have found you. You are an amazing doctor & caring human being. Your team & your practice are built around your personality. I am a lucky girl to have found you… I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart…

Best of luck & see you soon

PR Lad


Since I was ten years old, my nose was broken playing baseball a baseball bat hit it. One of the kids swung the bat, hit the ball, and then threw the bat and hit me in the nose. But it healed and I was ok but as I’ve grown it started to deviate my septum a little bit to the side so I’ve always breathed through my mouth.

Because of the deviated septum I’ve always had a little bit of raspy-ness in my voice. I’m always having laryngitis. I also wanted to have a better, straighter, more aesthetically symmetrical nose. Because if I’m going to go through all the processes, I would also like to have it look as good as possible.

Up until Dr. Nassif, I had never been referred to someone that I really trusted enough, nor did the doctor make me feel comfortable enough to ever follow through with the surgery. And when Dr. Nassif sat down with me and I met with the different people in the office, everybody made me feel comfortable. Dr. Nassif made me feel at ease that he’d be able to do a really professional quality job. Just to be able to breathe a lot better and to have a much straighter nose, that’s going to be really cool I think. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Nassif’s ability to keep it as comfortable as possible and make the process as positive as possible.

After the surgery, my nasal passages are now open, and I can breathe through both sides much much better. I can taste and smell food dramatically better now than I did before. And so far, in the last three or four months, breathing has been good and I haven’t had any nasal infections like I have for the last five or six years, so that’s good.

As far as Dr. Nassif meeting or exceeding my expectations, I would say that he met and probably exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated him being as honest as he was, and by being so conservative it’s a pleasant surprise that now things are looking better than even what he had hoped that we could get it to.

It gives me more confidence. It makes me feel better about how I look now that my nose is straighter and it’s not completely deviated to one side. It makes me feel better, and I lost a lot of weight even before surgery but then having my neck muscles tightened and having a little lipo under there obviously made my jaw a lot more defined which makes me feel more confident too. I’ll probably get double or triple the attention now than I got before I had the surgeries. I really think that you can’t judge the final results until at least six months to a year after the surgery because of the amount of swelling that you’re going to have. I was just pleasantly surprised with the amount of post-op care that I was able to get and it was just awesome.

Sally O.

Dr. Nassif and staff are great.
My surgery took almost twice as long as expected
But I was well taken care of.
Teresa (surgery staff) was really pro at her work, the area where IV was instered had no bruse after the surgery and the tube for urethra did not hurt afterward at all. (I was afraid of this due to my bladder infection history.)
Thank you for taking good care of me.
Office staff, Stephanie is always pleasant! Gives good advice. I can rely on her anytime.
My thanks for Dr. Sanani (my lifeline) for staying such a long time.
Lastly, I want to let you know that recovery facility Pearl has a great staff – Ely.
She cared for me from her heart and made me feel safe, secured & cared for. I really apprecatied her for her human quality.
I am not 2 mos post operation – I am happy with result although it’ll take much more time to heal.
I am glad Dr. Nassif whom I respect for his professionalism & caring personality did my surgery.

Thank you all so much.

Sally O.

Fay Mahoney

Dear Dr. Nassif,

I want to thank you and your staff for taking the time to listen to my concerns. You are all so caring and made me feel comfortable from the moment I had my first appointment. I was told years ago that nothing could be done to repair the damage the first doctors had done to my nose, so for twenty years, I had to live with the daily reminder every time I looked in the mirror. Not only had my appearance changed, but the functionality of my nose was diminished. Your skill, caring, and attention to detail, not only corrected the breathing issues, but made my nose appear normal looking. You gave me hope and made my dream a reality. I can never thank you enough for being there for me when no one else would be.

Much love and thanks to you and your staff,

Fay Mahoney

Manuel A. Solorio

I would like to start off by first saying that I have enjoyed my experience here at Spalding Plastic surgery. You might be asking yourself; how could someone enjoy having surgery? Well the staff has made me feel at home and have been some of the kindest people I have ever met PERIOD.

I run my own business so I know how important and how hard it is to find such great people. Im tempted to close up shop and ask Dr. Nassif for a job J . Now to discuss the excellent job Dr. Nassif performed! My surgery is a revision meaning that I have had another surgery previously. My first surgery was terrible especially once I had the great experience with Spalding Plastic Surgery to compare it to. Dr. Nassif was always straight forward and honest with me. I felt comfortable with him instantly. The excellent surgery that he performed is amazing and it is hard to believe how he could be so talented. I am more happy with me results than I had anticipated. It has been such a pleasure meeting and working with Dr. Nassif and his staff. I hope I should grow old gracefully and never need anything else , but if I should I know I will without a doubt be coming to Spalding Plastic Surgery.

Manuel A. Solorio

Jennifer D.

In 2007 I consulted with Dr. Nassif, after significant research regarding a chin implant surgery that had gone terribly wrong a few months earlier. He listened to my concerns with care, concern, and empathy, and came up with a plan for helping me. A few months later, I had a new chin, I was out of pain, and I could not have been happier. During this entire process he could not have been more professional and I trusted he would help me.

Because I was so happy, I had an eye lift and a rhinoplasty the following year with Dr. Nassif. The result where stunning. Not only did I look beautiful but the work was so subtly done and went so well with my natural features that no one knew that I had anything done only that I looked prettier. There are a few people that have technical expertise married to such an aesthetic sensibility, and I would recommend him to anyone.

I will continue to use Dr. Nassif for my beauty needs, and I am lucky to have found him.

Jennifer D.


Dear Lisa, Dr. Nassif, and all Spalding staff,

Although I have not fully recovered yet, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love my new nose thus far. Of course, I did not expect to have the complications I did, but no one could have known about my allergy since I didn’t even know of it!

Dr. Nassif is an extremely caring doctor. Clearly, he does not like to see his patients in pain, and does whatever he can to alleviate discomfort. I felt very confident and safe under his skilled care, and that’s the most you can hope for as a patient. He put me at ease, and made my decision to have rhinoplasty and septoplasty much easier. I didn’t even need a second opinion after my consultation. I appreciate that he takes time to answer my questions at every follow up appointment, and even allowed me to come in for extra appointments when I had additional questions prior to surgery. Thank you Dr. Nassif! I also want to thank Dr. Nassif’s colleague, Dr. Colhirsch (spelling?) for his help.

I would also like to extend a huge thanks to the anesthesiologist that oversaw my surgery with Dr. Nassif. Unfortunately, I forget her name, but she was amazing. Previously, I had very negative experiences with general anesthesia and even had to be hospitalized after my last foot surgery due to these complications. This anesthesiologist listened to my concerns, and took action to prevent another negative reaction. In fact, I did not experience ANY side effects from the anesthesia. She also called me and had a long conversation with me when I stayed in
aftercare to ensure I was well, and to provide more instructions. I felt very safe with her both before and after surgery. Thank you!

Click here to read full testimonial.

Thank you so much.



I would like to thank Dr. Paul Nassif for the beautiful rhinoplasty procedure that he has performed on me 3 months ago. I also like to extend my gratitude to him and his staff for all the help, care, and support that they have given me from my initial visit for consultation and even until today. His team of devoted individuals make my experience a pleasure. I am thankful for having Dr. Paul Nassif as my surgeon, who shows not only his talent and professional expertise but also his kindness and genuine care. I greatly appreciate his ability to listen and his understanding and being ethnically and culturally aware of my individual concerns. So far I am very happy and more than satisfied with the outcome, and I am still waiting for even more positive final results. Dr. Nassif, again, thank you so much for making my surgery a memorable one.



Dr. Nassif, Lisa and to all of your staff who took care of me and made me feel so special.

This has been such a wonderful experience. I never thought a nose job would be a wonderful experience!!

So thank you with all my heart.

I will miss you!

You do the nicest things!


Date of Procedure: December 14, 2011
Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty

I can’t say enough about the positive experience I have had with Dr. Paul Nassif. I have had two prior nose surgeries that had turned into a nightmare. My nose was also aesthetically unpleasing. I was referred to Dr. Paul Nassif by a longtime friend of mine who had her nose done, and was very happy with her results. It has been 6 months now and I’m still excited and so happy that he was able to correct my nose. I couldn’t have even dreamed of such perfection. I get compliments all of the time from the results of my surgery. Dr. Paul Nassif is also a gentleman, a perfectionist; he has incredible integrity and is committed to excellence and his patient’s satisfaction. He is exceptional.


To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write and submit this “Letter of Patient Testimony” to/for Dr. Paul Nassif and his staff at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology. In the briefest of summaries, my entire experience with Dr. Paul Nassif was wonderful and I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and treatment. Allow me to share part of my story and journey with you.

At the age of 16 I opted to have a rhinoplasty surgery with another doctor that resulted in multiple significant complications thus leading to an additional three corrective surgeries/procedures. Not only was the entire experience traumatic, I was very unsatisfied with the final results. I was not happy with my resulting appearance and my breathing was largely obstructed. Fearing further complications and harm, I chose to cease my patient relationship with that particular doctor. I chose to visit another surgeon a few years later to inquire about corrective surgery for my nose. Simply put, the surgeon stated that he would not touch me. The scar tissue in my nose and the former trauma made any corrective attempt too risky. Sadly, I decided to work on accepting my new physical appearance and obstructed breathing.

In January 2009, sixteen years later, I learned about Dr. Nassif through a radio show. The fact that he specialized in corrective plastic surgery was immediately intriguing to me. I called and scheduled my consultation appointment. Given my bad history with plastic surgery, I told myself that the only way I would agree to try again would be if my gut told me that I could trust the doctor and if he sounded confident in his abilities.

Dr. Nassif immediately earned my trust, respect, and confidence. His staff was welcoming and comforting. I felt completely welcome and at ease in the office.

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Forever Grateful,


Amparo – Revision Rhinoplasty Female patient with post-operative nasal obstruction and unhappy with the appearance of her nose following a rhinoplasty in South America. Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage grafting for reconstruction of external valve collapse (over-resected tip cartilage) with lateral crural strut grafts and reconstruction of internal valve with bilateral spreader grafts.After 2 months, her nose appears softer and natural with relief of her nasal obstruction.

“In 2003 i had a rhinoplasty performed overseas, the reason for the nose job was to rasp (level) a tiny hump that I had on the left side of my nose. I really liked my nose except for that little hump. Two weeks after my surgery, I came back to Los Angeles, and I vividly remember the first time I saw myself in the mirror, my nose was crooked, it was no longer straight as it used to be, one side of my nose appeared as though it has collapsed, and the bones on my bridge were totally uneven and disfigured. I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror, I started to cry but at the same time tried not to panic and think to myself that my nose was still swollen and once the swelling went down, my nose would take its original shape. I didn’t look like myself anymore and that was driving me crazy. After two months I knew that this doctor had disfigured my nose. The following months were devastating, there was no way back, I cried every night for months, and prayed to God to help me and give me strength to not fall apart. There was nothing that could console my pain. I don’t know how many times I woke up praying God that it all would be a bad dream.. but when I looked in the mirror I would see the disfigured nose.

Once I realized that my nose was now permanently disfigured, I started my search for the best plastic surgeon in revision, a surgeon that would have the skills to reconstruct my nose and the compassion to deal with someone going through what I was going through. I went to 7 doctors before I met with Dr. Nassif. What was different about him was that he knew the pain I was going through, he knew how traumatic my experience was at that moment, and how emotionally and fragile I was, he gave me hope, that we would reconstruct my nose to its original form and…that was my goal, and he would make it a reality. Sure enough, he did not fail me, he not only reconstructed my nose, which he did an outstanding job, but he gave me my life back, my sanity, my peace of mind. My life since surgery is back to normal, I do not cry anymore, I like who I see in the mirror, I am a happy person again and I will eternally be thankful to him. He is a warm human being, with a great capacity to understand pain, and he will give you a 150% to accomplish an excellent work. If you are considering Dr. Nassif as your plastic surgeon, all I can tell you is to trust him, and to thank God that you found him in your search because he will not fail you.

I want to thank all his staff, Eve, Roxana, Dr. Pierson, Diane, Patricia, but especially Dr. Nassif for giving me back my sanity and peace of mind.


Steve Rauterkus

In November 2009, I had a Mohs surgery performed on my upper left forehead. Due to the extensive surgical margins it left a sizeable hole in my forehead. Within short notice, Dr. Nassif fit me into his busy schedule the following morning to perform reconstructive surgery on the forehead.

Dr. Nassif and the entire staff exemplify professionalism. The surgery coordinator is remarkably efficient. She expedited the insurance papers over and was very helpful in any questions or concerns of mine. The front desk are always warm, friendly and hospitable. The nursing staff are extremely well-trained and always concerned for any of your needs. They never fail to follow-up. The entire surgical team work flawlessly and non-stop to assure you are comfortable.

Dr. Nassif is attentive, confident, trustworthy and candid. He will not promise anything and he is straightforward with you about your case. He is meticulous at archieving or presenting aesthetically pleasing results. His attention to detail is remarkable. I can surely attest to this! I am 4 1/2 months into post-op and you could never tell I had major reconstructive surgery.

Thank you Dr. Nassif and the entire Staff!!

Steve Rauterkus


My experience with Dr. Paul Nassif has been extremely positive. He was patient, understanding, and always explained himself in laymans language- clearly placing himself in the position of the patient, never arrogant or proud; he is truly a man who cares about his profession and those he serves.

All that is great, I know, but the true test is the results achieved. I suffered a traumatic gunshot injury to the face and, although I underwent major reconstructive surgery at the time, the initial bullet entry point was never completely repaired, causing years of difficulty breathing. Dr. Nassif performed a very difficult septoplasty, with great results. Being able to clearly breathe is something we often take for granted and now, with his surgical skill, I can breathe clearly once again.

And finally, his staff is the BEST!


Dr. Paul Nassif was recommended to me by four other top doctors. In fact two of them were plastic surgeons as well. However they knew he is the best and they had no problem being honest. I am very happy with my results. Do not lose out on time by looking around. He is the go to guy for Rhinoplasty. I don’t need him yet for other procedures. I’m still young.


Holly Buchanan

I had my first rhinoplasty procedure ten years ago and I was very unhappy with the results. The surgeon that did this first procedure removed too much cartilage from my nose, which caused one side of my nose to start collapsing. The removal ofthe cartilage from my nose severely interfered with my breathing. I came to see Dr. Nassif for my revision rhinoplasty after seeing a few other cosmetic surgeons within the Southern California area. When I first met Dr. Nassif, I had a good feeling about him and I was confident that he could give me the results I had been seeking since my initial rhinoplasty.

In order to repair the damage done from my first surgery, Dr. Nassif decided to add cartilage from my rib cage to my nose to build up my profile and to fix my breathing problems. An outside doctor, Dr. Swartout, removed the cartilage from my rib cage and Dr. Nassif added tins extra cartilage to my nose. Dr. Nassif and Dr. Swartout did a wonderful job during my revision rhinoplasty.

Although my decision to undergo a second rhinoplasty was primarily based on cosmetic reasons, I also wanted to improve my breathing. My protile is much better and I can now breathe easily through my nose. I am still waiting for tile swelling to go down completely, which could take up to one year. I hope that once the swelling is completely gone I will be much more confident in my appearance than I have been in years.

Overall, my experience with Dr. Nassif has been extremely positive and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve his or her appearance. I went ten years being unhappy with my previous rhinoplasty and I believe tImt I made the right decision by going to Dr. Nassif for my revision rhinoplasty.

Holly Buchanan


Dear Dr. Nassif:

I wanted to take this time to express my gratitude and appreciation for the revision rhinoplasty you perform on me earlier this year. Even though it has only been 6 months I can’t begin to tell you how satisfied and relieved of the outcome to this date. I went through many sleepless nights, going over my head trying to find the right surgeon to perform my 3rd revision rhinoplasty. All my research paid off, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found you.

I originally broke my nose twice while playing basketball in college. My nose was very depressed on the right side of my face and some on the left. I went to a respected plastic surgeon in the L.A. area after I was finished with college. At the time it was over, I felt OK with the result. I was very young and accepted the mediocre job perform. As time went on my breathing started to bother me and all I could see was the bump on the bridge of my nose getting bigger. Please keep in mind that I’m not a vein person but just wanted the nose I was born with again. As I got older it bothered me more, finally almost 8 years later I went to another well know plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He told me he would make my nose straight, corrects my breathing and insisted it was a fairly easy surgery. Well, I will tell you I wasn’t happy with the result. My breathing had gotten worse to the point where I feared if I would ever be able to breathe normal again. The right side of my nose was still very depressed. The surgeon insisted it would get better as time went on and was very satisfied with the result. Well 1 wasn’t its not what I had waited almost a decade for and I had virtually no air was passing through my right nostril. Even though I’ am myself a bit of a perfectionist, I’m also a realist and just wanted the honest truth, not someone telling me what I wanted to hear. I waited almost a year and began my research. 1 wasn’t going to make the same mistake a third time. I went to four so called revision specialist in Southern California and no one came close to Dr. Nassif’s expertise and ability to communicate what needed to be done.

I did all the research I could, looked at every blog, and went over it in my head time and time again, and came to the conclusion that I was blessed to have found Dr. Nassif, in my opinion, the best nose revision specialists in Ihe U.S. if not the world. By doing all my research I now know that nose revisions are perhaps the most difficult of all plastic surgeries, that’s why most surgeons stay away from it especially in male noses. Dr. Nassif answered all my questions, which I had more than a lot. He even called me twice on his personal cell phone and at night, before I had decided to pick him to answer some more, something no other surgeon ever done or came close to. Before I chose Dr. Nassif I had surgeons telling me I needed fillers, some said I needed no grafts, I couldn’t get one straight answer to any of my questions before I saw Dr. Nassif. He told I needed strut grafts on both the left and right side my nose, a septoplasty to correct my breathing and ostcomtomics. I’m extremely grateful I listen to him. My breathing is better than ever, my nose looks natural and straight and not one person has said a word about it, just like I wanted. I STRONGLY recommend anyone that is looking to do rhinoplasty revision see Dr. Paul Nassif before committing to another surgeon. Again I went through a lot of unhappy times before he corrected my nose, I don’t give praise easy but he is truly the best at what he does. THE BEST.

I want to end by thanking all the wonderful staff at Dr. Nassifs office. Since day one they were nothing but warm and kind to me, even before I picked him to do my surgery. His nurse made me feel like I had no worries in the world, a truly remarkable staff of girls. Thank you again Dr. Nassif for helping me breath again, making my nose as straight as ever, and not having to worried about the past. You are a man of your words and will forever be grateful for your excellent work.


Fran is a 49 year old British female who underwent the first makeover for England. Her procedures also included liposuction, LASIK and reconstructive dentristy. Her Makeover was featured on the BBC with Trevor McDonald. She has also been featured on many of the tabloids since Fran is the first to venture to the US and have a complete Makeover.View a video of this procedure.
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“Then and Now

I could never understand what it meant to be in the MOMENT.

I could never understand when people said they were at peace with themselves.

I never understood how you can look in the mirror and love yourself, until this moment.

I want to take a moment to tell you how I reached this moment in time and to THANK all of you
that, were involved in getting me to the PEACE I feel everyday NOW.

Nine months ago I received a quick phone-call from my sister Caroline.
“Are you still wanting to have a new nose and your teeth fixed?”
“Of course,” I replied,
“Can you send some profile and full face shots as quickly as possible to Ana Martin at Spalding Cosmetic Surgery.”
“Why the rush?”
A British T.V. company are looking to film an English person coming to Beverly Hills for surgery.

“Not me” I replied they won’t want me! “.
You know I still can’t believe it was my time in life to receive something good. Only now on reflection I realise how lucky I was and how much I must be loved to be given the GIFT.

Little did I know that that phone call would send me on a magic carpet ride and catapult me from the
Unknown to the Known and I would have such an amazing transformation.

From one small word, “Yes” came a transitional period during which I still did not believe that it would happen. Not to me, the person where nothing ever happens and the dreams of childhood never came to fruition. Not to me who lost her much loved father too early and then my husband. NOT to me who has brought up two beautiful daughters on my own and worked for 30 years full time as a teacher. These amazing things don’t happen to someone real.

I think this is why it has taken so long to write this testimonial. It was all so fast and exciting at first, then, came the trauma of surgery. Next the leaving of California and the protection you all gave me and treated me as a princess.

Finally came the hardest part. No, not the healing which was difficult in a way, but, re-entering into the world of work where I had to face my demons. The jealous ones, who ignored me and wouldn’t look! The angry ones who wished I would disappear or go back to USA.

The colleagues. who wanted me to slip back into work as if nothing had happened and finally me, who pushed out all the stops. I went back to full time teaching immediately, still coping with the healing and worked my socks off to compensate for the time I had been given off.

I was bereft of my old face. I was missing the attention and being the centre of peoples’ worlds. I missed the buzz of being filmed and TV and tried to keep the Radio interviews and newspapers alive.

But in the end no one wanted to hear or see. Not my face, but I wanted to promote you all and the brilliant work you did but no one wanted to listen.

But months on and all that is forgotten and they act as if nothing ever happened. They have now forgotten that I was ever Fran with a different face.
I don’t think my children remember the old one until I show them the pictures.

I have finally reached the moment myself when I don’t look in the mirror and have a shock. I now look and recognise myself and feel pretty. The swellings are nearly all gone and all the skin and outermost parts have full feeling.

Now I like what reflects at me. Now I realise who is in front of me. Now I feel younger and prettier.

Was this unusual I don’t think so. There were so many changes, subtle, but still different and for some of us it takes a longer time to come to terms with change.

So Now I can say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Now I can look and admire my profiles in the mirror and love what I see and not feel that a stranger is staring at me.

Now I can thank you for giving me the GIFT to love myself and feel truly at ease, beautiful and at peace with myself.

I now have the opportunity to start life again in a way at 51. Now I feel I can accomplish all the tasks I have before me with confidence. Each week I am receiving more opportunities to be out in the public eye and am much more sociable with people I don’t know very well. I can stand in front of large groups of people and talk and lecture without wondering what they can see.
I am going to audition for a local group and take part in a show. The first in fifteen years! I said I will sing again in public a year from surgery and it looks like this will happen November 9th. So it will happen.

I have enjoyed a few evenings out with younger friends and did not feel or look out of place. Many of the 30 ‘somethings’ look older than me.

As I said at my reveal, you are DR NASSIF, A TRUE MASTER OF YOUR CRAFT AND YOU HAVE CREATED A WONDERFUL MASTERPIECE. It just took time for it to mature and be appreciated for its subtle beauty.
Thank you for the long 12 hours you spent on my face, it was all worth it.

I feel beautiful at LAST. I am TRULY HAPPY with my new visage and live each day for the
MOMENT, with new expectations and a calm, internal CONFIDENCE.

I am grateful to you and all your team at Spalding for everything you all did to ensure my safety and well-being at all times and for the love you all showed.

I miss you all and wish I could be with you in the flesh.

Thank -you for giving me the GIFT.

Much love to you all”


Cherie White

“Dear Dr. Nassif,

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a skin cancer called Basal Carcinoma. As a young mother this was devastating to me. I worked in my children’s classrooms throughout the years plus I also work in Real Estate, so I am always meeting new people. During these years, I have had several wonderful doctors who were able to isolate and remove these carcinomas through Moh’s surgery, however some of the scars left behind were obvious and disfiguring.

No one can prepare you for the after-effects of surgery, what you’re going to look like and how you’re going to feel, with each surgery I had to have, I slowly felt my confidence disappearing. That is when I met you and my life changed forever. My husband and I could not get over how positive and determined you were that I would not have to live with these scars for the rest of my life. Enclosed are photos of the last few sets of surgeries I had to have, the photos of my chin and cheek are revisions that you did, and the other surgery is when I had to have more Basal Cell Carcinomas removed which you did the surgery to close up the incisions.

While in the beginning stages of recovery and looking at all the stitches on my face, I once again felt the despair and was slowly giving up of ever looking normal. My only source of hope was in your talent, expertise and the connection you made with my husband and myself. I know I never told you this, but that I would be alright. I sincerely appreciate the care that both of you gave, which I’m sure contribute to the speed and comfort of healing.

I believe my life has been forever changed because of you. I no longer want to hide and pretend this cancer doesn’t exist. I have learned that early diagnosis, along with your care has contributed to the life I live today. On behalf of my family and myself, we are forever grateful. Time expertise and positive attitude are the gifts you have passed on to me so that I can believe in myself again and hopefully I can help others who are – or have been in my situation. You may use these photos in any way you need, and again thank you for the precious doctor that you are. If you have any patients that would like to speak with me, please know that I’ll be here for them.

With love and great appreciation,
Cherie White


31-year-old female feels that her nose is too bulbous. She desires a more “westernized” look.

“Dr. Nassif has done an excellent job. I could not be happier with the results. He has made this experience, as pleasant and painless a possible. I have always been terrified of surgery but my pre and post surgery consultations with the staff, and Dr. Nassif put me totally at ease.

“I finally have the nose that is well proportioned and suited for my face without looking like I have had any type of surgery. I am very happy and would recommend Dr. Nassif to anybody who has been contemplating facial surgery. He is a skilled and detailed surgeon.”

J.M. Rodriguez


24-year-old male patient desiring reduction in the size of his nasal hump and stronger chin.

“To Whom It May Concern:

“It’s been just over two months since I had surgery. The result? I could not be happier. Take a look at the before and after pic and you tell me what you think. I looked good before the surgery and not once since has anyone noticed that I had any cosmetic surgery done. But, almost everyday I hear things like, “you look really great…” did you lose weight?” I actually probably gained a few pounds.

“Dr. Nassif really did a great job…a job no one notices was done, but I can see it and really see it in the before and after pictures. I think it’s really important to feel good about the doctor performing the surgery and the office as well. I really love going to my follow up appointments. From the minute I stepped in the office I felt a great positive energy and a real loving atmosphere. I honestly believe that you could not pick a better doctor or a better office.”



Reconstructive Rhinoplasty with Saddle Nose Deformity Correction with Ear Cartilage Graft. The nasal tip was also softened.The after photos are 2 months following surgery.Procedure: Upper eyelid lift, brow and midface lift.
Other Surgical Procedures Performed: Reconstructive Rhinoplasty.


“Dearest Dr. Nassif,

For the first time in over 16 years, I meet people without thinking about my face and without waiting for the questioning look in their eyes.

I thank you for the huge part that you have played in the Lord’s gift of restoration to me. I look back with some amazement when I think of how I found you, in a very chance conversation with a good friend, Jana, at a women’s Christmas dinner. That was the beginning of a most worthwhile journey. Thank you for helping me to be just me again.

The work that you did on my eyes really helped to lesson the lingering effects of the Bell’s Palsy. I don’t feel that I have to explain my face to people anymore. My broken nose looks close to what it looked like originally. Even my dad thought it looked good and was glad that I finally got the ‘dent fixed’! My healing continues, both inside and out!

I am so grateful for the dedication you show to your work, for the caring and professional attitude of you and your staff and for a job extremely well done!! In so many ways, I feel that I have my life back again and this feeling is due to my finding just the right physician for a complicated task.

I freely offer my recommendations for your services and would be more than happy to speak with any of your clients that would like to speak in person with me about my experience.
I count you not only as my physician, but also as a friend. Thank you again very much.

With warmest regards,


Fanny underwent a complete makeover on Discovery Channel’s “Plastic Surgery: Before and After”Her facial procedures included: rhinoplasty, septoplasty, chin implant, rhytidoplasty(lower face & neck lift), upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid fat repositioning and the use of platelet gel. The after photos are 3 months following her surgery.


“Dear Dr. Nassif,

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the wonderful results of my face surgery. I’m glad I chose you to be part of a major change in my life. I have also received lots of compliments about my new fresh look and all that has given me more confidence. My self esteem has improved 100% and best of all I no longer have to worry about makeup in the mornings.

There is not a day that goes bye that I’m not thankful for finding your practice. I feel reborn and ready to start a new life. I feel full of energy and very positive. On the other hand your staff was very understanding and caring through out the whole procedure.

With warmest regards,

Fanny Brown”

Young female patient desiring a softer frontal nasal appearance. She’s happy with her profile.
Procedure: Open rhinoplasty with tip softening, nasal sill incisions, slight hump reduction and osteotomies.
Comment: Notice the softer, thinner post-operative nose.


“Dr. Nassif,

Words cannot explain how much you’ve changed my life. When I first came to your office, I honestly assumed that, in a city like Beverly Hills, I wouldn’t be any different from all your patients and that I would quickly be taken care of and whisked away so that you could begin on your next patient. WRONG. I was treated incredibly well by all the people who work with you.

In the days and hours leading up to the surgery, my parents and I were not nervous at all. We had so much trust and faith in you. All throughout my high school years I told everyone that I was going to get my nose done by Dr. Nassif. I was so self conscious of my nose as I was growing up. Everyone around me would tell me that I would grow into it and that my face will change a lot as I grow older. It got to the point where I could only stand on a certain side when a picture would be taken. It was so hard talking to people, even though they weren’t looking at my nose. I felt like an ugly duckling. Even one of my closest friends said that I looked like a rat because of my nose! While eating supper one night, my family and I were watching a show about plastic surgery. I can’t remember the name of it, but right when I saw the work that you did on a woman, I automatically wrote your name down and said “He’s the one”.

I am so glad and thankful that you did my surgery. I would never in a million years let anyone else touch my nose. You are not only a doctor, you are an artist. The minute I took off the tape to reveal my new nose, I felt like one of the contestants on “The Swan” and completely broke down crying. The exact way that I’ve always wanted to look was staring back at me in the mirror. That was truly the happiest moment of my life. From that point on, I’ve been so confident when I talk to people face-to-face. That confidence that was empty for eight years is suddenly resotred, and that is the great gift that you can give anyone.

At my brother’s wedding this past summer, my aunt couldn’t stop talking about my nose. She had a nose job many years ago, and she hates it. Instead of talking about my brother’s marriage, she would stare at me and say how perfect my nose is and how much she wishes that you could have done hers. Your name basically became a houlsehold name here, and I’ve already passed it on to a few others who are interested in a procedure. Just like you mentioned, everybody has been asking what’s so different about me.

Everyday I look in the mirror, and I am happy with the face I’m seeing. I owe it all to you, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet you. You and your staff are extraordinary people, and I know that the next time I visit Los Angeles, I will visit you again. I feel truly blessed. Many thanks to all of you, I love you!

Much love,

Mark & Anne (Kari’s Parents)

“Several years ago, Kari announced to us that she wanted her nose fixed and told us that after having done her research on the Internet that Dr. Nassif in Beverly Hills was going to perform the surgery. We just chuckled because we were living in west central Wisconsin and we knew it was out of our reach. His practice was 2,000 miles away and probably not suited to a university professor’s salary.

But after checking out several websites, Kari was adamant and unrelenting. We had visited a local doctor, partially covered by our HMO, who performed fewer than seven or eight nose jobs a year. He was vague about how he’d help Kari. We had a lot to learn, but we thought at the time that she better keep what she has.

As chance would have it, after Kari graduated from high school, she asked for a year in Hollywood. Happily, she was offered more jobs as an extra than she could handle, and by late winter of that year she was talking again about having Dr. Nassif perform her surgery. She had a consultation with him, his office staff sent us the fee chart, and we realized that the cost, several years later after the local doctor had given us his fee proposal, would be about the same! The lack of hospitalization was a cost savings, and the anesthesiologist here charged three times what Dr. Nassif’s doctor charged. We gave Kari the go ahead.

Kari handled all the pre-op appointments herself, even at 18 years old. She and Dr. Nassif settled on a nose on the computer, and she and the office set the date. Her father and I flew out for the surgery and though we didn’t actually meet Dr. Nassif until after he performed the surgery, we felt good about him from the minute we met.

Her mother was a bit reluctant to be in charge of her for the home care, but it turned out to be quite easy. The key was to keep the patient comfortable. Kari felt no pain, and two days later she was up to driving around with us for a bit of sightseeing.

Her surgery was earlier this year, and she’s living back home, now, so what we see is probably the final product, and it is simply fantastic. We would say that you not only need a competent team of health professionals if you’re contemplating this surgery, but you also need a plastic surgeon who has a keen aesthetic sense and can apply that to his patients’ needs. We put our daughter’s face in his hands and we are pleased beyond pleased. The results are spectacular. People around here who know Kari look at her and know something is different and she looks better, but it isn’t clear to them what it is. And that is what Dr. Nassif aims for – not to alter one’s looks but to enhance one’s good features.

His entire staff was kind and helpful. Dr. Nassif went out of his way to be gracious and accommodating. And now Kari is more confident about her looks than she’s ever been. She used to seat herself on the right hand side of people to hide her bad side. Taking pictures used to be torture to her. Now she can look directly at people and feel proud of having taken the plunge.

We without a doubt recommend Dr. Nassif and his staff to anyone contemplating this sort of surgery. Three years ago Kari committed herself to having Dr. Nassif change her nose, and she couldn’t be more pleased that she waited until he could do the work, and she couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

Female patient desiring subtle rhinoplasty and chin implant. Procedure: Open Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Bilateral Turbinoplasty.
Other Procedure: Small Chin Implant.


Registered Nurse

I was involved in a major motor vehicle accident 15 years ago. I suffered various injuries, including a broken nose. In addition to the physical injuries, my emotional self esteem and self confidence was also affected. When I looked in the mirror, all I could see now was my disfigured nose. This affected me for many years. Social outing became less frequent. I shield away from meeting new people for fear of being judged based on my appearance. My self confidence was at an all time low… . all of the until recently.

After years of being afraid to undergo reconstructive nasal surgery, I gathered up the courage to finally do it. Having worked with Dr. Paul Nassif in the operating room as a nurse. I felt comfortable in knowing that I could trust him to do the best rhinoplasty as I had seen him do on all of him patients. And I was right!
For the first time in many years, I can look in the mirror and say that I love my new nose! I also had chin implant to compliment my new nose and profile. Besides all of the wonderful compliments I get from friends and strangers alike, I can breathe better than ever!! This is because I also had a nasal airway obstruction, which blocked the air passage going in and out of my nose. I feel confident and secure. I no longer fear being judged negatively by others! I’m more outgoing ad most importantly, I am happy!!

I must say that I love my results and I feel that having the surgery was on of the best decisions in my life!



Preoperative diagnosis: Upper Eyelid Dermatochalasis -OU; aging face with prominent platysmal bands; deep nasolabial folds; microgenia; deviated septum, external nasal deformity, nasal obstruction and turbinate hypertrophy.
Procedure: Endonasal Septorhinoplasty.
Other Procedure: Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty, Short Scar rhytidoplasty with platysmalplasty, SMAS placement into bilateral nasolabial folds, chin implant, endonasal septorhinoplasty, bilateral turbinoplasty and platelet gel application.
Findings: Septal deviation to left.
Comment: This patient desired a softer profile in addition to having her eyes refreshed. Post-operative photos reveal a softer nasal appearance with a nicer profile and a fresher, more rejuvenated look to her face.


One can’t turn back time; however, there is a great part of me that wishes I had done this years ago. The look of being tired or worn seemed to be an endless battle and no amount of cream or makeup could really erase the years that were on my face. Applying more cream to soften those wrinkles or hoping it would lessen those thoughts. Now, it is an incredible feeling to be restored at age 50; my hat goes off to Dr. Nassif, a great surgeon. To wake up and feel refreshed but to look it is wonderful. It is so much fun to see myself in the mirror (smile). Now I say wow, is that me, sometimes I can’t believe it; I look and feel very pretty in a very natural way. It’s funny, although I was only looking to rejuvenate my face; the surgery has also helped me to find an inner strength and energizes my entire being. For me, it has created self-confidence, that I wish everyone could feel. Having Dr. Nassif as my surgeon has been such a fantastic experience, his genuine and gentleman approach is outstanding, you feel so secure and you know you are in competent hands from beginning to end. I am extremely grateful for his expertise.

Julie Stokes, P.T. / N.C.,
Glendora, California 91740
(626) 991-8272


Dear Dr. Nassif

I am so in love with my nose and my profile thanks to you. Not only have you helped me achieve higher self-esteem and self worth. You have improved the sound of my singing voice. I can end my notes with such little effort since you fixed my septum. When I first came into your office, I gotta say I knew that you would my dreams come true and give me the face god intended for me to have. I love you and your office staff and I want to thank you for how you have improved the quality of life.

Onika Pointer


Dear Dr. Nassif:

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, and to express my most sincere appreciation to you and your staff for everything before, during and after my procedures.

For a year I researched various “specialists” for facial work – especially eyes. This work led me to you. They say “the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.” I wanted to be sure that if I had work done, it would still be “my soul” people could see. I am happy to say that following the first consultation (and then subsequent visit a couple of years later when I decided to move forward with procedures to both my eyes and nose) I knew that not only had I selected the very best surgeon, but the only surgeon I would trust with so much delicate work.

It has now been 18 months and I can tell you that every day I see the results in the mirror I am absolutely ticked – not to mention I can breathe through my nose! Gone are the days of friends, family and associates asking if I feel alright or if I’m tired. I just simply look and feel great.

In closing, words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel. You have restored the self confidence that I hadn’t realized I had lost. I will truly be forever grateful.


Laura Chamberlain

Preoperative Diagnosis: Nasal obstruction secondary to external/internal valve collapse, deviated septum following rhinoplasty, hypertrophic turbinates.
Procedures: Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis with reconstruction of external valve collapse with placement of bilateral lateral crural strut grafts. Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis with reconstruction of tip support with placement of columellar strut. Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis with reconstruction of internal valve collapse with placement of bilateral spreader grafts. Graft, right and left ear cartilage conchal composite grafts. Right deep temporalis fascia harvest secondary to thin skin. Revision Septoplasty. Bilateral Turbinoplasty. Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis with reconstruction of rim collapse with retracted with placement of bilateral conchal composite grafts (skin & cartilage). Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis with repositioning of lower lateral cartilage secondary to vertically-oriented positioning.
Findings: Native 9 mm lower lateral crura (LLC) on left, 11 mm LLC on right, left base more cephalad oriented, external valve collapse, narrow right greater than left internal valve narrowing, some septum intact following procedure and vertically-oriented LLC and weak rims.
Comment: This is a patient who wished to improve her breathing and soften the appearance of her nose. 4 month post-operative photos reveal an improved profile. Patient continues to heal.


“Dr. Nassif successfully performed my revision rhinoplasty. Five years after having my first rhinoplasty with another surgeon, I injured my nose, which became the source for numerous functional problems. I sought the help of Dr. Nassif due to his expertise in revision surgeries. I was hard pressed to find a surgeon who specializes in, and dedicates, such a significant portion of his practice to revisions; in fact, I was able to find a mere handful within the country, and only Dr. Nassif in Los Angeles. However, in my initial consultation I soon realized, expertise aside, that Dr. Nassif was a person with whom I could build a good patient-physician relationship; he was attentive to my concerns, candid in his opinions, and through it all, we were able to laugh.

My nose required extensive reconstruction. In order to achieve both aesthetically pleasing results, as well as improve the functioning of my nose, Dr. Nassif reconstructed my nose using cartilage from both of my ears and one rib (with the help of Dr. Lance Wyatt, a cosmetic surgeon I would also highly recommend). My surgery lasted a total of seven hours, two hours longer than Dr. Nassif originally estimated. The extended duration of my surgery was due to Dr. Nassif not wanting to end until he reached a result that would exceed both of our expectations; he has an eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and strives for perfection. Moreover, I am truly appreciative of Dr. Nassif’s surgical team, a team comprised of kind individuals who work together flawlessly toward the common goal of a successful surgery. I am currently four months post-operative, have minimal scarring, and am extremely satisfied with my result.

Dr. Nassif’s expertise in facial cosmetic surgery is unmatched. His surgical results are direct evidence of his talent and skill in the operating room. And, outside of the operating room, Dr. Nassif is truthful in his opinions, gracious, and shows genuine care and concern for each of his patients.

Thank you Dr. Nassif!

– A.R.S.”


“Dear Dr. Nassif

I cannot begin to thank you enough for you kindness and generosity from the moment I entered your office I was exhumed with an atmosphere of warmth, compassion, and comfort, one that immediately grasped my atternan.

Upon meeting with you, something inexplicable about your personality captured my heart and made me realize that noone else could be my doctor. As you said yourself, I need to choose a doctor who I am comfortable with, and the connection that my mother and I made with you, exceeded anything I could have ever expected. I have never seen my mother relate I’d someone in the manner she me did with you. You truly touched her heart, and we both agree that your mother must have been an incredible woman for she raised a wonderful man. Dr. Nassif, I am ecstatic and so grateful to have you as my surgeon.

Thank you so much for helping my dreams come true. I cannot wait!!!



“Dear Jade,

I would love to write a testimonial about my case.

First of all, my English is not that good, but I will try my best to explain it so it might help all those who have similar case to mine…

As for a 21 years old girl, being beautiful was an obsession to me, I always get complements about my look, my style, the way I wear my hair and even my make up, when I look at the mirror I see a beautiful girl, but there was some thing I did not like, I had a tiny bone humb on my nose, and it was ruining my profile look, I asked my friends once if they think removing that humb is a good idea, most of them said no, it is not that obvious and no need to go under knife just because of this tiny humb, but they did not convince me with that, actually the humb was bothering me a lot, maybe I was not even listing to them, because deep inside me I wanted to get rid of it no matter what they will say.. I decided to do the surgery, and I was like “its just a tiny humb, my procedure is very easy, any surgeon can do it !!” I had no idea that this “thought” is going to destroy my life.. I went to a surgeon, I even did not ask anyone I trust about that surgeon, I just wanted any plastic surgeon to do the surgery to me, because i thought that my nose did only need a humb removal and any surgeon can do that no matter how good he is in that field, the weird thing is that that “surgeon” did not talked to me, he even did not asked me what I did not like in my nose, he just looked at me and then took one of my profile photos and draw a curve on my nose and said ” I will remove the humb and I will enhance the tip of your nose to make it look better” that sounded great to me, I told him that I am ok with that, I did the surgery the next day, right after one week I visited him to remove the stitches and the cast to see my new nose for the first time, I can tell that this was the very worst day in my life, I was shocked when I looked at the mirror, I did recognized the face I am looking in to, the change was very huge, it was amazing how my nose changed me completely 180 degrees to a different person, a person with a deformed nose, I was confused and speechless, am I looking to me in that mirror or what? I felt I wanted to cry, something wrong is going on my surgeon keeps on telling me “your nose is beautiful” but I could not believe him because all I could see is an ugly deformed nose that changed my look to a different person..

I just could not understand why me? What did I do wrong? Is that fair? I was devastated, I hated me because of what I did to my self, it was all my mistake, I did not want any one to see me like this, I was locking my self home, not seeing anyone, even my friends, and whenever I looked at the mirror I can not stop my self crying, I suffered from a weight loss, hair loss, no more self confidence, my life was officially over, my mom was devastated even more, because there is nothing she could do to help me, she keeps on reminding me about the girl I used to be before the surgery, a girl that is full of life, asking me to get back, but I just couldn’t, this situation lasted for 4 years, after that I decided to look for similar cases to mine, to see if it is possible for my nose to be fixed, I found out this website, after browsing the photo gallery I was sure like 100% that my nose is going to be fixed, so after discussing the possibility of flying to LA to meet Dr. Nassif with my mom, I contacted them online, arranged everything even the date of my first appointment, and then booked my tickets, every thing went very smooth, though my flight from where I live in this world to LA took more than 20 hrs, but it was amazing because I had hope… I met Jade first, she was like the sweetest woman on this earth, just talking to her made me feel very comfortable, then I met the genius Dr. Paul, I really cant find words to describe this guy, nothing seems to be enough, we talked about my case, he explained every single details to me, I dont know why, but even before meeting him I trusted him, and I had a strong feelings that he is going to save me, he showed me my predicted image on his computer, and it was exactly what I wanted, then I had the surgery, even though I do trust him, but I was terrified to look at my face right after the surgery, I waited until the day to remove the stitches and the cast and when I first looked at my nose, I saw a natural nose, it was very huge because my procedure was not simple, lot of cartilage removed and replaced on my nose, but my nose looked so natural even with the swollen, Dr. Nassif told me that my nose is going to look smaller after a while, all I have to do is just to wait.

Now after 7 months my nose looks so beautiful, natural and I can breath better than before, this is a miracle, never thought that I might get back my nose again, before meeting Dr. Nassif I met so many surgeons, non of them gave me hope, I remember that one of the surgeons told me ” it is impossible that your nose is going to be like before again”, if getting back my nose again was impossible, then there is nothing impossible with Dr. Nassif…

Thank you so much Dr. Nassif for what you did to me..
E. M.”


“It’s been close to two months since I underwent my rhinoplasty procedure and I can’t put into words how happy I am with the early results.

“You would’ve thought that one would be nervous about the procedure but since the first day I sat in your chair it’s been an easy process, one that I was able to go through with complete confidence. I think that the comfort has come from always knowing what was going to be expected from each step along the way. Dr. Nassif always made it a point to get realistic expectations and did so with a consistent goal in mind to not drastically change my “look”. Sure we originally had different opinions on what the outcome of my procedure should be like, but he took the time to explain the medical reasoning behind his instead of making it seem like he was just noting as an “opinionated expert”. His candor made it clear that he understood that there were personal feelings involved and that it was more than just “procedure” to me.

“I believe that Dr. Nassif said that the ultimate compliment to him is “when people say how much others haven’t noticed that a procedure had been done”. I couldn’t truly comprehend his statement until it became a reality for me. I believe that any cosmetic procedure is a personal experience and that it makes it even more so when only a select group of people truly knows that it has been done. In true honesty. I can tell you that I was self-conscience about “re-entering the real world”. Not until it actually happened did I realize that most of what I expected was only in my head. Sure it took time to get acclimated to the new image I saw in the mirror and I can even say that there were times I second guessed my original decision, but that all came to end when friend of over 20 years didn’t notice the change. If they have, I guarantee that they don’t know what is different, but just know that it looks good.

“Beyond the actual procedure and my time spent with Dr. Nassif everyone at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology was excellent. The entire staff went above common practice to make sure that I felt comfortable from consultation to my continued follow-up. At no time have I felt as if I was being judged or having my vanity questioned, it’s been almost family like.

“As for you… you’ve been great! Serious this time your honest opinion was comforting throughout the entire process. I’ve really appreciated the phone calls you’ve made before and after the procedure. I know that they were done in your “off time” and knowing that makes it even more genuine.

“Enjoy your Soy-Latte!”


Mediterranean female patient softening of her nose and improvement of her breathing.
Procedure: Septoplasty, turbinoplasty, open rhinoplasty with hump reduction, lateral crural strut grafts secondary to weak tip cartilage, tip cartilage reduction, columellar strut and placement of a double-layered dome graft to increase projection.
Comments: The 3 month postoperative photos show an improvement in her nasal contour with residual supra-tip swelling which will resolve in the next few months.


“Dear Dr. Nassif”

I wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I’m sending this letter to you a little later than I would have liked, but since my rhinoplasty, a lot has changed.

I have graduated from Chapman University. I have gotten engaged with my boyfriend and two months ago, we got married in orange Country. I’m also in the process of finishing law school within a year’s time.

How are all these things related to my surgery? Well, I wanted to improve the appearance of my nose ever since I became a teenager. My surgery was my pre-graduation present. I wanted it so much, but I was scared to go through with it as i have never had surgery before.

With your confident and calm attitude, I was able to trust my doctor and let him do his beautiful work. My nose turned out to be EXACTLY how I wanted. It gave me the look I was hoping to achieve but more importantly, my nose looked natural. No one and I mean no one could tell that I had surgery, although everyone noticed that there was something that made me look different.

I got my self confidence and I was able to pose for my graduation, engagement and wedding pictures without worrying to see if my profile will show. And tha’s the gift you have given me: the gift of NOT thinking about how I look, and just enjoying the moment.

As for the surgery itself, Ive healed in no time. I was able to walk around and do things after day two and i was able to get back to my classes after day 5. My bruises were gone in 2 weeks and I never had to take any pain medication. But most importantly, when my boyfriend (now my husband) paged you to ask a question, you have called us back within seconds!!

You care about your patients and you are there for them every step of the way. So a BIG THANKS from this patient. I have had the best experience and I would recommend your professionalism and care to anyone who thinks about having plastic surgery.

Best wishes for you and your practice!

Female patient with a history of previous rhinoplasty from another surgeon unhappy with her nose, especially the left nasal sidewall.Findings: Narrow left middle vault with internal valve compromise, over-resected right lower lateral cartilage (intermediate and medial crural present with bossa formation) with external valve collapse.
Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage graft with placement of left spreader graft, left lateral crural strut graft and crushed conchal cartilage onlay grafts to left nasal sidewall.


Dear Dr. Nassif,

“I just wanted to thank you for a job well done, you’ve changed my life. I had my nose done by a previous surgeon in 1996. I was so excited to have the procedure done but low and behold came to find out my dream became a nightmare. After about 5 years my nasal cavity started caving in and was very obvious. I did not want to go anywhere. Then one night I was watching T.V. and saw you. I rushed to get a pen and paper so I can call right away. As soon as I got the chance I scheduled a consultation with you, and was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of your office. And the great news that you gave me, “Their was light at the end of the tunnel!!!”

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU in a big way for repairing my nose and confidence. Should you have any patients that are thinking of using someone else but you, have them call me and I’d be happy to talk with them.”

Thanks again,

With a great big grin,

Mitzi, (Happy Patient)

Procedure: External rhinoplasty, septoplasty, turbinoplasty and platelet gel application. Hump reduction, tipplasty, osteotomies, lateral crural strut/rim grafts and coluemllar strut were performed.
Findings: Right septal caudal deviation and posterior bony deviation and spur, weak rims and soft tissue triangles.
Comments: On frontal view, the postop photos reveal a healing nose with nasal “redness” due to the patient being out in the sun. The patient desired a moderate hump reduction.


“Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for Dr. Nassif and the staff at Spalding Drive. Dr. Nassif is definitely one of a kind… after my consult with him I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon. His work is AMAZING… as you can see my before & after pictures! He changed my life and I am forever thankful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

In addition to the greatness of Dr. Nassif, the staff at Spalding is very comforting and friendly. And a special shout out to Jade: Thank you for not only being my patient care consultant but also my friend during pre and post surgery =)

Thank you All =)



“Hello Jade
The reason why I decided to write this e-mail is that I want to show you and Dr. Nassif something

In this e-mail I attached my very new photo and i want u both to have a look on the new me…

I just want both of you to know that my life never been so perfect than now, I’m very grateful to both of you Dr. Nassif did a miracle to me and I’ll always remember that on the other half of the world there is an angel named Paul Nassif who helped me to stand up again and be so confident…

Thank you so much Dr. Paul i’ll always pray for you.

Back to Top

Female patient s/p three previous rhinoplasties. She is unhappy with her retracted ala (nostrils). Also, she complains of middle vault asymmetry.
Procedure: Revision (4th) Endonasal Rhinoplasty with Bilateral Concha Cymba Composite Grafts, Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty and Platelet Gel Application.
Findings: Over-rotated tip and infratip lobule; narrow right middle vault, bilateral alar retraction.
Comments: Her 8 month post-op photos reveal a more symmetric nose.


“Dear Dr. Nassif:

You recently performed my 4th and final rhinoplasty with excellent results. I came to you with a deformed nose, as well as nasal obstruction secondary to a deviated septum, following three previous surgeries. I was despondent because my nose was disfigured and felt that you understood my emotional pain. I am SO grateful to you for restoring my nose and my spirit.

You initially performed a careful assessment and then proposed a corrective plan tailored to my specific needs. You were extremely thorough in your evaluation, requiring all prior medical records and referral to several different specialists. What particularly impressed me was the fact that you took the time to read my medical history and proceeded with caution, thereby minimizing the chance of causing further damage. I am a highly anxious person, and both you and your staff were extremely patient with me. You were honest, yet kind, making certain that my expectations were realistic. You advised me that my breathing difficulties might not resolve with septoplasty. I was always aware that the goal was “improvement – not perfection.”

I am still in the healing process, but it appears that the outcome of this last revision is positive and that I won’t require any further operations. You are a gifted surgeon and a wonderful human being. Thank you for making me whole again.


Female patient desiring a softer, yet natural, less projected nose. She also wants her nose straighter.
Procedure: Septoplasty for correction of caudal deviated septum to right and for harvest of cartilage, bilateral turbinoplasty, platelet gel application and Open Rhinoplasty.
Rhinoplasty included: left double spreader grafts and left lateral crural strut graft to help symmetrize the left nasal vault deficiency. To deproject the nose, a medial crural overlay of 3 mm was performed. Lateral alar base/sill excisions were also performed.
Other Procedures: Right Otoplasty, Bilateral lower fat repositioning blepharoplasty and right upper eyelid scar revision.
Comments: Her after photos represent a softer, natural appearing nose.


“Dear Dr. Nassif,

I want to start by saying that you changed my life. I am so happy with the results of my rhynoplasty. After years of contemplating my decision I could not be happier. You are amazing and the work that you do is beautiful, natural and you completely understood what my goals were. From the moment I walked into your office I had a good feeling. Everyone was so professional yet still so warm and friendly which put me at such ease about the whole process.

Now 3 months post surgery I am still seeing the improvement. The day you took the cast off I liked what I saw and I love it more each day as I continue to heal. Being that my nose was so difficult, every angle is improved and I still look like myself.

You treated me like such an important patient. I can not thank you enough. I would be honored to be able to tell other potential patients my feelings about the whole experience. I look forward to my next follow up visit.


Procedure: Secondary Septorhinoplasty with deep temporalis fascia and conchal cartilage harvest, platelet gel application. A columellar strut, spreader grafts and osteotomies were performed.
Findings: 7 mm intact lower lateral cartilages (LLC), narrow left greater than right middle vault with open roof deformity and splayed left nasal bone, over-resected mid-cartilaginous dorsum, over-rotated infratip lobule, residual bony dorsal hump, over-projected tip with medial crural overlay of 2mm. Caudal septum deviated to left and large posterior left spur.
Comment: After 6 months, her severe inverted V deformity is resolved.


“I would like to thank you for my wonderful new nose. It is odd to say “new” nose because, it looks like the nose I was born with. So, perhaps, I should say thank you for my “new”,”old, “nose.

As you know, I have been a registered nurse in the state of California, for twelve years. I have worked with many doctors and surgeons, as a traveling nurse, registry nurse and staff nurse, at some fine hospitals.

Dr. Nassif, you have a gift. Your hard work in your studies and hands-on clinical expertise is evident. In addition, your bed side manor is comforting. You are a master at your craft. My case was challenging at best. I had broken my nose several times through out my life playing sports. Back in the mid 70’s my first broken nose was readjusted with what looked like a crow bar, (back to back trauma.)

It was in 2001 that I had “proper” Rhinoplasty. Much to my distain my nose started collapsing, slowly. I was told by my surgeon that there was nothing he or I could do; my nose was like an “eggshell!” I lived with declining functional ability and physical distortion for years. Sometimes strangers would ask me what happened to my nose. One night, I was watching a show on cosmetic surgery. They were featuring a girl, (woman) that had Revision Rhinoplasty. She was your patient, Dr. Nassif. At this point, I could hardly breathe and looked awful. I felt, I needed help. I looked through your website and was reassured.

I took a calculated risk and had my revision with you. My surgery went well, healing was slow and steady. I was anxious, nervous to see what I was going to look like. When you took the cast off, I read your eyes. I will never forget the look in your eyes, it was like Christmas morning. I knew my revision was a success!!!

Thank You, Bless You

Procedure: Narrow bony vault and right middle vault.
Septum: Caudal deviation to right and left posterior bony deviation, vertical bony sidewall, deep radix.
Findings: Native 5 mm lower lateral crura (LLC), Weak/ retracted rims. Narrow right middle vault, polly beak deformity, s/p septal resection along floor.
Comment: Her postop photos show an improved nasal appearance, especially the lateral view.


San Diego, CA

Testimonials in Short:
I have never liked my nose. Thanks to genetics and a couple of direct hits with a volley ball I disliked it even more. For years, I have wanted a “pretty” profile. To not have to be self-conscious and afraid of mean comments on a daily basis. I felt like I was a prisoner, forced to put up emotional walls for fear of being hurt, even by well intended peoples’ comments. I thought I would never be released from the burden of not only my nose, but my mind. One day, I was watching Dr.90210 and Dr. Nassif was one of the featured Rhino-plastic Surgeons. With complete attention, I watched in amazement at the latest techniques he had shown for a patient that had a particularly hard case… a cleft lip. I was impressed by the fact that he didn’t turn her away. He was a confident in his abilities to produce Beautiful results, even for those that had very little hope. I knew this was the right Dr. for me. I had a VERY difficult case myself and I had already been turned down by a supposed “great” surgeon in my area. Feeling discouraged and a little hopeless, I made the call to Dr. Nassif’s office. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I LOVE my new nose!

Thank You:
To Jade, The Office, and Surgical Staff:

A Big Thank You for the loving care and patience I received from EVERYONE in the Office and Surgery Center. You always answered my questions with kindness and humor. I hope you know how many lives you touch in such a positive way, just by treating each person so wonderfully. What a Awesome Team!

To Dr. Pearson:
Thank You for calling me the night before and calming the little fear I had about anesthesia. It made a World of difference in facing the next day. Thank You also for your kindness and humor.

To Dr. Nassif:
I know there are surgeons who are “Good”, surgeons who are “Great” and then there are surgeons who are “Superior”. This is what you are to me.

I have ALWAYS known you were the surgeon I would choose. There was never a doubt in my mind. It is why on the day of surgery I was completely at ease.

I TRULY believe, that you are the Michel Angelo of your field, Your Amazing work is evidence of a Brilliant mind, Perfectionist eye and Absolute Confidence in your abilities. The result is Artistry with Functionality. On top of that, you are a wonderful and caring person. You have a gift. You see so much in so little (my broken nose). Where others took hope away, you were able to give it back, and seemed to welcome the challenge. I THANK YOU from my soul for restoring the confidence I had lost. I now have a beautiful feature to be proud of. Everyone I know has said how amazing my nose looks and I RAVE about you to them. You can actually see envy when I tell them who I went to. May God bless you always.


Dear Dr. Amron and Dr. Nassif:

I am happy to report that I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgeries. This weekend while in Las Vegas, I was “carded” two times. That has not happened in many, many years!

The recovery from the liposuction on my arms and stomach was surprisingly quick and relatively painless. I walked two miles the very next day. I highly recommend liposuction by Dr. Amron since it was so easy!

I have always been a very slow healer and these surgeries were no exception, however, you both were available to me throughout my toughest days, and I appreciate all your input and dedication.

I will gladly refer people to your office for all this cosmetic surgery needs! Thank you very much!



“Always the quest for beauty. Always the quest for the most perfect “ME.” In a world and a culture that is centered around beauty, it becomes increasingly difficult to become satisfied with “ourselves;” after all we are not responsible for what we look like. We did not choose our genes or our parents. So, when we are older, sometimes…sometimes there are things that nag at us about our physical appearance and we think…if only…if only… .we could just fix this ONE thing, then all will be well.

Well, that happened with me. I have a very handsome father and in my opinion, a not so handsome mother. They married at 15, quickly separated after having children and needless to say, I grew up with my handsome father in tow.

I somehow ended up with my mother’s not so stunning features and waited until just before my 29th birthday, after years of yearning, contemplation and a couple of broken noses later, to do something about it. I sought consultations with many plastic surgeons and one I came upon, Dr. Nassif, had a three month waiting list just for a consultation. I was rude to the receptionist…”What do you mean, three months? And what do you mean I have to pay for a consult?????”… but still, I saw the others at first, before I realized that they just wanted to make me into the mold of everyone else that they had performed on. So, I met with Dr. Nassif; a handsome, young vibrant doctor, who told me that I was beautiful and that IF I really wanted to make a change… he, would suggest “THIS.” I was smitten!!!! Smitten, at the idea of A BRAND NEW ME. I was just excited, to say the least. After our consult, he sent me a hand written letter, letting me know that he was happy to be my new doctor, if I chose so. It was a nice touch and it made me feel taken care of. Also, his assistant Jade…was like the absolute, most realest and down to earth person I could come in contact with. She put me at ease even more and gave me all of the in’s and out’s of the procedure. Honestly, she was a godsend, especially in a city of pretension and B.S., I happen to find some authenticity with every single staff member of Dr. Nassif’s office.

I was a little nervous and got especially nervous at the time of surgery, when Teresa, a nurse there, told me she was going to put a catheter in me. I got weak and almost fainted, but still… there was something about her demeanor, which relaxed me. I mean, if someone was gonna do THAT, she’d be the person to go to. On the same day of surgery, Dr. Nassif came in, bright and early…I mean…too early for anyone to work, but that was HIM. Come rain or come shine… he is THERE for you. So, he came in and said, “Where’s my girl?” I mean…at that point, I was at his mercy and his mercy was a great place to be at. I could not have felt SAFER…honestly. The anesthesiologist was a complete doll, even making me laugh enough to relieve my tension. I think I must have told her my whole life story…chattering away in my nervousness. She’s a godsend as well. When I awoke, I was throwing up… I am like that… but there was a nurse with me, there the whole time, holding my hand, listening to my babble. I mean for hours, talking me down…relieving me. I was 100% in the best hands possible…the whole way through.

When the bandages first came off, I almost fainted…my nose was swollen and I didn’t recognize myself. It was a bit intimidating. But after one month…it looked amazing…at certain angles… and then the months went by and I started getting tons of compliments. “Your hair looks great… did you put on weight…you look so healthy…,” things like that, but never at any point did anyone notice that the something different was my nose.

Not only is that the first compliment to Dr. Nassif, but his work is as such, that nothing ever looks manufactured. He sizes up your complete facial symmetry and helps create something so in tune with the face you already have. So much so, that, no one would ever suspect a nose job. In a world of plastic surgeons who want to give you that standard button nose, that is where Dr. Nassif differs. The post consults were amazing as well. I was treated like royalty.

His work is like… GOD… but, and I think this might be very important to note… .

He will say NO. He is not a man after money or ego gratification. He is a man who is set on integrity. I came in months later and insisted my nose be yet… smaller. He flat out said NO. That, that was a surgery that HE would not perform and that he would advise no one else to perform. I went home later that day, looked at the darn thing and decided he was right. The ultimate challenge I had ahead of me was this… even though many people told me I looked Stunning…how could I, figure out a way to re-prioritize and not put my looks first? How could I… who now looks stunning, reconcile with the old “ME,” who didn’t feel so stunning and learn to accept myself for who I really am, inside and outside of physical beauty? This is in fact the biggest compliment to Dr. Nassif, as he said, “NO.”

I think he somehow knows these things… he’s a bit of an astute psychologist.

And so I thought and cried and decided that if anyone, anywhere was ever going to consider surgery such as this that, THE ONLY HANDS YOU SHOULD BE IN, are that of Dr. Nassif’s and his staff, who continue to support and greet me with warm enthusiasm to this very day. And… I should note…I have the most kick ass rockin’ nose EVER.

I do look beautiful and that has changed my life COMPLETELY. I wish I had more words to thank him, but the thing is…is that he really gets a kick out of this job. He derives his life’s joy from changing the lives of others…in a completely authentic and honest way.

My hat is off to you Dr Nassif…once again, as I am sure I am not your only fan.


Procedure: Secondary Septorhinoplasty with ear (conchal) cartilage and deep temporalis fascia harvest, Harvest of bilateral composite grafts from ears and platelet gel application.
Other procedures: Chin Implant
Comment: The close-up photos of the ear demonstrate a normal appearing ear following ear cartilage and composite graft harvest. The close-up base view of the nose reveals healed composite grafts which help lower the retracted nostrils.


“I am so very happy with my surgery results! Everyone in Dr. Nassif’s office has been wonderful. Jade is so nice and really made me feel at ease. Dr. Nassif made me feel as though I had nothing to worry about. He was right, too. Everything looks so great! I was so nervous not really knowing what to expect, and I just couldn’t be happier! I have so much more confidence now! I think anyone who wants a procedure done should definately call Dr. Nassif!

Thank you so, so very much!”






“First, I would like to thank Dr. Paul S. Nassif, M.D. for his exceptional skills on my rhinoplasty surgery. The benefit that I received from Dr. Nassif is incredible and I am more than delighted for the decision of choosing him, his staff and the Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery center.

Dr. Nassif continues to be welcoming and amicable which has made my experience extraordinary. As a result of Dr. Nassif’s expertise, I am overwhelmed by the results and my new profile. Dr. Nassif has exceeded my expectations and my results look so natural. Everyone compliments on the result, adding that it looks “perfect”.

The entire procedure went great, there was no pain, or bruising and I only had minimal swelling. My surgery went better than I could have imagined. I would also like to thank Claudia, registered nurse, for her welcomed energy and personality that made my experience memorable and exciting. I would also like to thank Jade Gerard, Patient Care Consultant for her personal testimonial and for help in answering any additional questions that I may have had. Dr. Pierson, the anesthesiologist was very detailed in explaining every step that would take place which actually helped me get some sleep that night. I would also like to thank her for informing my parents (whom were in the waiting room) of my surgery through out my procedure.

I feel that the attention I am receiving for the months following post surgery are just as important as the initial surgery. The Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery staff is very caring and attentive toward detail and making sure that they answer every question.

Dr Nassif and his staff are incredible personable, professional and friendly. I would like to thank everyone for making me feel comfortable, welcomed and for the amazing result.

With thanks,
Lorraine Delgado”

“Now, I love looking at my profile!”

Thank you
Dr. Nassif!


The entire staff here is outstanding. Not only do you take care of the physical aspect of the procedure, but you also show great concern for the mental well-being of your patients. Dr. Amron is very “gifted” and he is an artist at what he does. His entire staff his ezemplary. I was so very nervous. but not one moment of this experience was egative. The entire surgery center rates an “A.”


Chy Ann

“Dr Nassif,

Thank you for taking your time with me and doing my surgery. It means alot to me and you are very caring!

Lots of love
Chy Ann ”

Procedure: Open rhinoplasty with placement of spreader grafts, lateral crural strut grafts, repositioning of lower lateral cartilages, placment of deep temporalis fascia, septoplasty and platelet gel application.
Other Procedures: Upper eyelid ptosis repair, lower eyelid fat repositioning.
Findings : Malpositioned lower lateral cartilages with narrow middle vault.
Comments: Improved appearance of nasal vault following reconstruction.


“I want to express a special thanks to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, M.D.; Dr. Guy G. Massry, M.D.; Dr. Martin L. Gordon, Anesthesiologist; Theresa Akbari, R.N.; Jade Gerard, Patient Care Consultant; and, the staff at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. In addition, I want to thank Caroline Shrednick and the staff of Tranquility, an outpatient care facility and private retreat, for my post surgery care and recovery following facial plastic surgery.

On September 25, 2006, I had about 9 hours of facial surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. This included Rhinoplasty and lower eye fat repositioning with Dr. Paul Nassif; and canthoplasty with Dr. Guy Massry. Results following surgery have been fantastic. I look and feel incredibly great. For the first time in years I can breathe through my nose, smell and taste food, and sleep much better at night. Also, I don’t have to strain to keep my eyes open to watch television, read, or drive. Furthermore, my friends love my new looks and say I look at least ten years younger I have had women tell me that I look “great, ” handsome, ” and “beautiful.” Moreover, the flirting is unbelievable, and I have been dating women ten to fifteen years my junior. It’s a dream come true.

My ex-wife had told me about a show called Doctor 90210. One night, while watching an episode of Doctor 90210, I saw an episode featuring Dr. Nassif. I did my research and, after meeting with Dr. Nassif and Dr. Massry, I found them to be the right doctors for me. They took the time to hear what I had to say, and understood my concerns and wishes. They explained the risks and the procedures involved. Moreover, they were concerned with my post surgery care and follow up recovery treatment. Truly, they care.

Again, I want to thank Dr. Nassif, Dr. Massry, and everyone associated with Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. You have changed my life forever. I have never been so happy in my life. Thank you, so, so much. I will never forget what you have done for me.



“Dear Dr Nassif,

Historically, there have been a couple of things in life that I do not look forward too; surgery and secondly a haircut.
This letter is to tell you that because of the positive experience at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, I’ve been re-thinking the surgery part.

The warmth I received from you and your staff was great, and the final result is fantastic! The process from beginning to end had me feeling well taken care of. I knew I was in great hands.

I recommend that anyone thinking about enhancing their appearance, and enriching their lives relax and know that they are going to be well taken care of by Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.

Now, I’m, off to research and find a good place for a haircut!!!!

Thanks again!
Kelly ”

Female patient with a chronic open wound with an exposed medpore implant performed elsewhere. Patient did have a rhinoplasty previous to placement of the implant.
Procedure: Tertiary rhinoplasty with removal of implant and harvest of bilateral ear cartilage, left deep temporalis fascia harvest and closure of wound.
Comment: Her 4 month postop photos reveal an improved, HEALING, nose. This nose will take approximately one year before the swelling to subside substantially. Her airway is also improved and she has had no problems with the chronic wound since removal of the medpore implant.


“Dear Dr Nassif,

I’m sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner. I just wanted to thank you and the entire staff for everything that you did for me while preparing for my revision rhinoplasty. I just want to commend you for the caliber of surgeon that you are! I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me; explaining every aspect of the surgery. You made sure that you understood all of my needs and concerns, and that I understood in detail every part of the surgical process. I have never had a doctor that was so detailed in the pre and post care of surgery. I truly believe that it is what made the difference in my outcome. I have had previous rhinoplasty surgeries and have never healed too quickly! I do attribute some of that to all the precautionary measures that you took (arnica, platelet gel, oral steroids, etc). And of course your stellar surgical skills that have given me this speedy recovery. I also want to thank your entire staff for their kindness and consideration through what was really quite an ordeal for me. (Dealing with my HMO for several months) Jade was really helpful and patient in explaining your billing process and any questions I had relating to the procedure. And last but no least, please thank your anesthesiologist; Dr. Pierson! I was quite nervous due to the projected length of my surgery (5+ hours). She really put my mind at ease. I had several conversations with her prior to my surgery. She didn’t end any conversation until I was completely satisfied with every

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