1.) The Skills, The Artistry And The Hands Of The Surgeon

A surgeon must have meticulous technique and perfect judgment like Dr. David Amron in order to consistently achieve outstanding results. Liposculpture, like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, depends a great deal on the individual surgeon’s skills and expertise. A single mistake in technique can negatively impact a perfect end result. Rather than believing in a team approach or performing my surgeries along with multiple people, I take full responsibility for every aspect of your surgery. I believe that is the only way that I can ensure you receive the best possible result. I perform all aspects of your surgery, from administering the local anesthetic to performing the sculpting and contouring process. I believe in quality over quantity. Because of this, liposculpture is the only major cosmetic surgery that I perform and, furthermore, I limit the number of procedures that I perform on a weekly basis.

2.) A Thorough, Honest, Comprehensive Evaluation

In order to achieve a great result that fully satisfies the patient, it is essential that the surgeon perform a proper, thorough consultation and evaluation. Being seen before your surgery is crucial. I evaluate each and every patient prior to performing their surgery. This allows me to determine who is a good candidate for liposuction and to ensure that the patient fully understands the potential results. Furthermore, because I thoroughly examine each patient myself, I can determine the areas of their body that are genetically disproportionate and can best benefit from liposuction. Given the balancing nature of liposculpture, this comprehensive evaluation helps to ensure that a proper proportion is achieved. I take great care to discuss in detail the procedure and the expected results so that you are fully informed. Out of town patients can send photographs which are reviewed solely by me. You will be expected to travel only after I have determined that you are a candidate, and you may arrive as little as one day prior to your surgery for an in-person evaluation and examination.

3.) Getting It Right the First Time

Among cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the U.S., liposuction surgery is the most common. Unfortunately, revision rates among liposuction patients are also among the highest. In fact, some studies report revision rates of as much as 25%, meaning that one in four patients undergoing liposuction undergo a revision procedure at some point afterward. I have an approximate 1/1,000 revision rate, with those cases typically requiring very minor revisions. Dents, ripples and other irregularities virtually never occur in my patients. It is very important to me and to the patient that I get the results right the first time and I do everything possible to achieve this. I perform many revision liposuction procedures on patients from across the globe and, in nearly all cases, previously poor results can be greatly improved. Nevertheless, improving upon poor results can be very challenging, which is why I use my experience and skills to achieve perfect results the first time.

4.) The Man, Not The Machine

Beware of aggressive and potentially deceitful advertising, particularly regarding new technologies or machines used for liposuction. An excellent liposuction result has far more to do with the surgeon’s integrity and good judgment, skills and artistry, and eyes and hands than any new machine which promises perfection. Finding the right surgeon is far more important than finding the right machine (please read “Proper Liposuction Evaluation and Technique: An Expert Opinion“). As a contouring and sculpting procedure, liposuction is similar in many ways to sculpting a beautiful piece of artwork. A great eye is essential, and equally important is what you feel with your hands. You cannot be guaranteed a great result with a machine alone. I personally do not put much stock in some of the newer technologies, such as lasers or ultrasound which “melt away” fat. These technologies can cause the surgeon to lose some of the fine control and tactile feel that is so essential to meticulous sculpting. In the revision work I’ve performed, some of the worst cases have been the result of lasers and ultrasound performed by people without perfect judgment and technique. There are those who will argue that liposuction makes the skin loose and that ultrasound tightens the skin. But this is a myth (see top 5 myths) and, in truth, properly performed liposuction allows the skin to tighten on its own. For a more detailed discussion of my technique regarding each specific area of the body, please read “area by area“.

5.) Purely Local Anesthesia

Dermatologic surgeons like myself developed the technique of tumescent liposuction in the mid 1980s, which I believe to be the greatest advancement to date in liposculpture surgery regarding its safety and improved results. I refer to this technique as pure tumescent liposuction in order to distinguish it from other tumescent liposuction techniques which utilize general anesthesia. In my opinion, performing liposuction with general anesthesia is not advantageous. Instead, you lose the many benefits of local anesthesia, including the following:

  1. Increased Safety. According to a study published several years ago in a major peer-reviewed plastic surgery journal, liposuction under general anesthesia involves a 1/5000 mortality rate. There have been no deaths associated with liposuction performed properly under purely local anesthesia.
  2. Improved Recovery. When properly infiltrated before surgery, the local tumescent anesthesia aids in hydro dissecting (loosening with water) the fatty tissue which allows for more pure fat removal and significantly less bleeding. Furthermore, I am always careful to work only in the fat layer, which is where the surgeon belongs, thus preventing trauma to the surrounding muscle and other tissue. This helps to speed recovery and minimize bruising and discomfort.
  3. Improved Results. In order to obtain a perfectly sculpted, smooth result, it’s essential that you be able to always position the patient exactly. Poking, jabbing or tenting the skin from underneath must be avoided as this is, in my opinion, the most common reason why irregularities, dents and ripples occur, as well as incomplete results. When a patient is under general anesthesia, it is nearly impossible to attain the same exact positioning, and this can greatly impact the end result. Because of this, I try to encourage the use of purely local anesthesia and rarely perform cases with general anesthesia or conscious sedation.

6.) The Surgical Center 

Liposuction or liposculpture is a surgical procedure, despite the fact that others may minimize this. While I have never encountered a single serious complication among the thousands of patients I’ve treated, infection and bleeding included, I do not take chances. Every surgery that I perform is done so in a fully accredited, state- and Medicare-licensed surgical center in a completely sterile setting with patient monitoring.  I do not want my patients driving themselves home, even if they feel that they can, for their own safety and I essentially insist on them having a friend or family member present to escort them.

7.) The Post-Operative Follow-Up Visit 

On the night of surgery, I call my patients personally to check on them. I believe that an important aspect of complete care is seeing each patient myself within the first week after surgery. To ensure proper healing and to address any questions or concerns that the patient may have, a follow-up appointment within one to seven days after surgery is required. With that said, truly discussing results at this point is too early. Work and light exercise are resumed in two days for most patients. After the first follow-up visit, the next appointment usually takes place after three months to take photographs and view and discuss the results. Out-of-town patients unable to return for this appointment can do this via email and telephone communication.

8.) Education

I encourage all of my patients to be discerning and to learn as much as possible about the procedure prior to their surgery. I do all I can to clarify misunderstandings that patients may have about liposuction by serving as an expert on national internet chat rooms and broadcasting my weekly radio show. I advise patients to take the time to educate themselves and to avoid being impulsive. Nevertheless, it is understandably difficult for patients to sort through the confusing, aggressive and often hyped-up marketing. However, you can increase your chances of finding the right surgeon and achieving great results with time, patience and good judgment.

9.) Price

Pricing for my surgery is extremely fair and competitive. With that said, however, I think  it is important that price not be a major factor when selecting a surgeon. Patients should opt to have their surgery performed by me because they believe that I am the best surgeon to help them achieve their goals. Only then should they decide whether or not the price is agreeable. Electing to undergo surgery is not the same thing as buying a washer and dryer or a television set. Results which are less than optimal prove far too costly in many ways. I base my surgical fee and operating room fee on the length of the surgery (between 30 minutes and 2 ½ hours) and not by adding up areas. If, prior to scheduling your complimentary consultation, you need to know the range of my fees, please call my office and ask to speak with my Patient Care Coordinator, Keirstin Goldstein.

10.) Service

In today’s world, service unfortunately seems to be on the decline. I try to always remember that I am providing a service as a doctor and surgeon. I do not take lightly the fact that my patients put their trust and confidence in me. It is my responsibility to take good care of each and every patient and to do all I can to ensure their well-being and happiness.

If you are a considering liposuction surgery, please visit Dr.Amron’s Expert Liposuction Website.




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