Smartlipo is a system that utilizes laser-assisted lipolysis to help patients loose inches in problem areas like the abdomen, neck, face, arms, and chest. The system uses focused thermal energy to disrupt fat tissue as well as tightening skin and fat tissues. The system not only reduces fat, but also produces softer and tighter skin.

Smartlipo is performed under local and tumescent anesthesia. The combination allows the patient a painless procedure in which the tissues are optimally primed for the Smartlipo treatment. The surgeon then uses an instrument called a cannula to access the fatty tissues through which the laser is administered to destroy cell membranes and tighten tissue. Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure that involves less trauma to the tissue and is a safer procedure than liposuction with a lower occurrence of side effects.

Traditional liposuction exists to address small instances of fat deposits but does little to address excess skin. The Smartlipo laser induces collagen retraction, which provides patients with tighter skin and less evidence of a medical procedure.

Smartlipo works by emitting laser energy that accomplishes multiple goals. This energy not only causes tissue tightening, it also causes the tiny blood vessels that feed fat to coagulate, reducing the blood supply to fat tissues that depend on the nutrients to maintain fat stores. The combination of tumescent anesthesia and blood vessel coagulation, Smartlipo patients experience far less bleeding, swelling, and bruising, enjoy a safer surgery, and a shorter recovery period.

When compared to other laser fat treatments Smartlipo allows the surgeon to carefully monitor the temperature of the laser, preventing overtreatment and complications. A new motion detection system is also in place and the laser will not fire when the cannula is not active and moving across tissue. The wavelength can be custom tailored to the patient’s unique physiology, and the location that is being treated to account for water content and fat type. Smartlipo has quickly become the standard in non-invasive liposuction procedures and Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer our patients the top of the line medical technology.

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