Extreme weight loss, pregnancy, and the normal aging process can contribute to poor tissue elasticity and sagging skin. This excess, unwanted tissue may eventually droop around the abdomen, waist, lower back, and buttocks. Unfortunately, the lax skin can detract from even the thinnest body, making clothing fit poorly and the body ‘flabby’ with movement. No amount of exercise or diet can make a difference, as once the skin has stretched, it will not longer regain its original shape. There is only one way to restore a contoured, curvaceous figure – the Body Lift.

The Body Lift at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery

The Body Lift, also known as the Belt Lipectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate excess fat and loose skin from the belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, and the upper torso. As the excess skin is removed, the tissues are tightened, and the abdomen is sculpted to a flat, attractive contour. The Body Lift can restore a smooth stomach, narrow waist, and shapely figure.

The plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery have been performing the Body Lift procedure for more than a decade. He is considered one of the leading body rejuvenation surgeons in the United States. The surgeons and experienced aesthetic team will personally guide each patient through their life-changing Body Lift procedure. Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery brings women the safest and most effective Body Lift procedure available today.

The Ideal Candidate for a Body Lift

Anyone unhappy with loose, flaccid tissue along the stomach, buttocks, or lower back may benefit from the Body Lift procedure. Those who have experienced a dramatic weight loss, such as that from a gastric bypass, will also make an excellent candidate for the Body Lift. The ideal patient will be a nonsmoker, in overall good health, have a clear understanding of the Body Lift procedure, and hold reasonable surgical expectations. Those interested in the Body Lift should also be committed to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery, so as to ensure long lasting results.

The Body Lift Consultation

An initial consultation appointment will be scheduled, to determine if a Body Lift is the right procedure for an individual patient’s needs. At this time, he will discuss aesthetic desires, take a detailed medical history, and perform a brief physical examination. The surgeons will explain the Body Lift in full, show Before/After photos of his recent patients, and review the risks involved with the procedure. If it is decided that a Body Lift will meet the patient’s goals, a personalized treatment plan will be created. The exact cost of the Body Lift will also be determined at this time, and all payment options discussed in full.

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The Body Lift Procedure

The Body Lift procedure is performed in the accredited Spalding Plastic Surgery Facility, Beverly Hills Doctors Surgical Center, or a preferred area hospital. The surgery will take between six and eight hours to complete, under general anesthesia. An overnight stay at a recovery facility is often recommended after the Body Lift, allowing for a more comfortable recovery especially for out of town patients.

To begin the Belt Lipectomy, the surgeons will make a circumferential incision around the body, across the lower abdomen and above the buttocks.

Once the incision is made, excess skin and fatty tissue are excised from the stomach, lower back, and hips. The remaining muscle and skin will then be pulled taut, providing a sculpted mid-section. When the desired results have been achieved, the incisions are then closed using dissolvable stitches. Finally, a dressing is placed over the incisions, and a support garment is put on the patient. Temporary drain tubes may be necessary, as well.

The Body Lift procedure will provide excellent results, and the procedure can be tailored to meet a patient’s specific needs. The Body Lift can be combined with other rejuvenating procedures as well, including Liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift, or a Breast Augmentation.

The Recovery After a Body Lift

Patients can expect the recovery period after a Body Lift to take about two weeks. Initially, bruising and swelling will occur. A compression garment will be required, keeping the swelling to a minimum and facilitating the healing process. Drain tubes may be placed after surgery, allowing excess fluid and blood to escape. The surgeons sees all surgical patients the next day after surgery. Drains usually remain in place for a week, but this varies based on surgery and drainage.

Moderate discomfort is normal after a Body Lift. Needed pain medication will be provided to keep patients comfortable during their recovery. An antibiotic will also be prescribed to reduce the chances of infection. Patients are often tired and sore for several days after surgery. Temporary numbness around the incision site is also not unusual. Normally, patients are feeling well enough to return to work or school in two to four weeks. Strenuous activities, lifting, and exercise should be postponed for up to six weeks.

Results from a Body Lift

The initial benefits from a Body Lift can be appreciated immediately after surgery. As the swelling resolves, in three to six months, the full results of a Body Lift will become noticeable. Benefits of the surgical procedure will be permanent, provided a stable weight is maintained.

The Body Lift procedure will leave a visible scar, following the incision line around the lower abdomen and above the buttocks. Over time, the scar tissue will mature and fade significantly. It is important to remember that the scar will pale in compression to the beautiful Body Lift results.

Potential Risks and Complications of the Body Lift

The Body Lift procedure has been performed for decades; it is considered extremely safe and effective when performed by an experienced surgeon. As the Body Lift is a major surgery however, there is the rare chance for complications to occur. These can include bleeding, infection, scarring, delayed wound healing, tissue separation, and fluid accumulation (seroma).

One of the most important steps a patient can take to avoid complications, after a Body Lift, is to choose a skilled, reputable surgeon. The surgeons at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Body Lift FAQ

What is the Body Lift procedure?

The Body Lift, sometimes referred to as a Belt Lipectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate excess skin and fatty tissue. The technique can restore physical contour that was lost after pregnancy, dramatic weight fluctuations, and with normal aging.

Where will the Body Lift be performed?

The surgeons perform procedures at the accredited Spalding Plastic Surgery Facility, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. The Body Lift may require an overnight stay at a recovery facility to increase a patient’s comfort level.

What can I expect during the Body Lift recovery?

Patients should expect their recovery time from a Body Lift to take between two and three weeks. A compression garment will be needed for six weeks; this reduces swelling, as well as promotes proper healing. Drain tubes will reduce the fluid level. Strenuous activities and exercise should wait for six weeks after the Body Lift procedure.

Does the Body Lift result in scars?

Yes, there will be a visible, circumferential scar after a Body Lift. However, this will fade over time and is well-concealed under clothing.

How is the Body Lift performed?

The Body Lift procedure begins by making a circumferential incision around the belt-line. Through this incision, he will remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, lower back, and hips. Finally, he will reposition the remaining tissues for a taut, smooth contour.

What type of anesthesia is used during a Body Lift?

General anesthesia will be used during Body Lift procedure.

Is the Body Lift painful?

Initially after a Body Lift, patients will experience a moderate level of discomfort. Appropriate pain medications will be prescribed to keep patients resting comfortably at home.

What are the risks of the Body Lift procedure?

A Body Lift is a safe procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon. There is always the chance for complications to occur, however. Risks can include scarring, excessive bleeding, poor wound healing, and infection.

Who is a good candidate for the Body Lift procedure at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery?

Anyone in overall good health, with reasonable surgical expectations, can make an excellent Body Lift candidate. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure.

How long will the Body Lift take to perform?

The Body Lift will generally take between six and eight hours to complete.

When can I return to work after a Body Lift?

Patients are able to return to work in two to four weeks, after the Body Lift procedure.