Skeletal contouring is a cosmetic surgery that is often performed for purely preferential reasons, but may also be performed as a means of reconstructive surgery. Skeletal contouring is a surgical process in which surgeons can alter the shape of the body – usually the face – by manipulating the shape of the underlying bone structure, either through grafting to increase size and volume or by shaving to remove size and volume. Skeletal contouring is not a new procedure and is often one of the elements involved in common procedures like rhinoplasty, cheek and chin implants and jaw reshaping. While skeletal contouring can create dramatic changes, the goal of Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery’s expert surgeons is to provide patients with beautiful features that balance proportions and offer a natural and flattering appearance.

Our surgeons often perform skeletal contouring for patients who have experienced accident or injuries to the bones of the face. Skeletal contouring is often used to reshape or build up bones that have been lost or shattered and provides deep structural changes that result in permanent cosmetic results. For patients with damage to the bones of the face there are no alternatives that can match skeletal contouring and offer the same level of results.

Owing to the fact that skeletal contouring is primarily concerned with the appearance of the face and profile, the surgery is performed under general anesthetic and patients will be unconscious so they won’t need to worry about pain and will not recall the surgery. In many cases the procedure is an outpatient procedure and patients will be allowed to return home to recover on their own after a short observation following surgery.

As with all forms of surgery patients may prepare for surgery by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program, refraining from blood-thinning painkillers, like Aspirin and Aleve, which can lead to complications during surgery. Patients who smoke will also be required to quit for an extended period of time before and after surgery following the advise of the surgeon. Smoking decreases the oxygen supply to the body and can result in dangerous complications.