Dramatic weight fluctuations, as well as the normal aging process, can slowly cause the tissues of the inner and outer thigh to become flabby or lax. This change can seriously impact body-image and confidence. Tight, revealing clothing may seem off limits; jeans can become uncomfortable, shorts turn awkward, and swimsuits embarrassing. Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone cannot make a change in this billowy, loose skin and fatty tissue of the thigh. However, there is an innovative surgical procedure designed to restore thin, youthful thighs and legs: the Thigh Lift.

The Thigh Lift at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery

The Thigh Lift is a surgical procedure, designed to bring back slender proportion to the thighs. By removing unneeded skin and fat, the thighs can be sculpted with an attractive contour. The surgeons at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery can help women once again possess slim, beautiful legs.

The Ideal Candidate for a Thigh Lift

Anyone with loose, soft, fatty tissue along the outer or inner thigh can benefit from the Thigh Lift. The ideal candidate is a nonsmoker, in relatively good health, who possesses a clear understanding of the Thigh Lift procedure. Patients should have a relatively stable weight, commit to the recovery process, and hold reasonable expectations for their results.

The Thigh Lift Consultation

An initial consultation appointment will be arranged. This will provide an opportunity to develop trust with the surgeon. At this time, the surgeons will clearly explain the Thigh Lift procedure, show Before/After photos of his previous patients, and review the surgical risks. The surgeons will also take time to review the patient’s medical history and perform a brief physical examination. If the Thigh Lift is determined to be the right procedure for the patient, a personalized surgical plan will be created to reach his/her goals.

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The Thigh Lift Procedure

The Thigh Lift is performed as an outpatient procedure, at the Spalding Plastic Surgery Facility. Depending on the level of correction desired, either IV sedation or general anesthesia will be used. The Thigh Lift will take between two to four hours to complete. To begin the procedure, the surgeons will create a medial incision down the inner thigh, traveling from the groin to the knee.

From this incision, they will then remove unwanted fatty deposits and unsightly, loose skin. Once the desired correction has been achieved, they will place dissolvable stitches and a compression garment for proper healing.

When performed alone, the Thigh Lift can provide patients with exceptional results. For optimal benefits however, the surgeons can combine the Thigh Lift with other rejuvenating procedures, such as Liposuction, the Tummy Tuck, or the Body Lift.

The Recovery from a Thigh Lift

Patients should expect their recovery after a Thigh Lift to last about two weeks. Bruising and swelling will be seen initially; these will slowly resolve over the first several weeks. A compression garment will be required for several weeks, to alleviate swelling and assist with the healing process.

Temporary tightness or numbness is common after the Thigh Lift. Patients will also note mild to moderate discomfort. Necessary pain medications will be prescribed to keep patients comfortable during their recovery. Most people are feeling well enough to return to work in one to two weeks. Strenuous activity and vigorous exercise should be postponed for at least four to six weeks.

The Results from a Thigh Lift

Improvements to the thigh’s shape can be seen immediately after surgery. It will take several months, as the swelling fully resolves, before the final results can be appreciated. Once healed, the thigh will be slimmer and more proportionate to the natural body shape. While the results from a Thigh Lift are permanent, weight fluctuations and normal aging may cause a minor loss of firmness.

The Thigh Lift will result in a visible scar. A Medial Thigh Lift leaves a thin scar running from the groin area to the inside of the knee. This scar is along the inner leg, but may show under short clothing. As time passes and the tissue matures, the scar will significantly fade.

Risks from the Thigh Lift at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery

The Thigh Lift is considered to be a safe, beneficial procedure when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. With more than ten years of aesthetic experience, the surgeons at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery are known as providing the most satisfactory Thigh Lift procedures in California. Although, since it is an invasive procedure, there is always a small chance for complications to occur. These can include infection, excessive bleeding, scarring asymmetry, fluid accumulation, and nerve damage.

Thigh Lift FAQ

What is a Thigh Lift procedure?

The Thigh Lift is a surgical procedure designed to slim and contour the thighs, making them more proportionate to leg and body.

How is the Thigh Lift performed?

The surgeons will begin by making an incision along the inner thigh. From this, they will excise excess fatty tissue, sometimes employing Liposuction to further sculpt the area. The surgeons will then pull the remaining tissue taut. Dissolvable stitches and a compression garment will be placed for proper healing.

Who is a good candidate for the Thigh Lift?

The ideal Thigh Lift candidate will be a woman, or man, frustrated with the shape/size of their thighs. They should be in generally good health and with reasonable surgical expectations.

Where will the Thigh Lift be performed?

The Thigh Lift procedure is performed at the Spalding Plastic Surgery Facility, located in Beverly Hills, California.

Will the Thigh Lift leave scars?

Yes, the Thigh Lift will result in a scar, running laterally from the groin to the inner knee. While the scars are permanent, they will fade over time.

What can I expect during the Thigh Lift recovery?

Initially, the area may be red, with mild swelling. Mild discomfort, temporary numbness, and a tight feeling along the surgical site are normal side effects from the procedure. A compression garment may need to be worn for the first several days, to ensure proper healing.

Is the Thigh Lift painful?

Patients may note mild to moderate discomfort after the Thigh Lift; appropriate pain medications will be provided for a peaceful recovery.

When can I return to work after a Thigh Lift?

Patients normally feel well enough to return to work about seven to ten days after the Thigh Lift procedure.

How long will the Thigh Lift take to perform?

The Thigh Lift normally takes between two to four hours to perform. This will vary however, on the extent of correction and technique used.

What type of anesthesia is used during Thigh Lift?

General anesthesia or IV sedation will be used during the Body Lift procedure.

What are the risks of the Thigh Lift procedure?

When performed by an experienced provider, the Thigh Lift is considered safe. As it is an invasive procedure, the Thigh Lift does carry the risk of infection, scarring, bleeding, and poor wound healing.