How does AquaShape work?

The AquaShape (also called BodyJet) procedure utilizes the latest and most advanced technology in tumescent liposuction, in which only a few small openings are made in the skin in strategic areas allowing the surgeon to tailor the procedure with precision. The openings allow a small wand to be placed under the surface of the skin, where it emits a precise jet of water that safely prepares the fat tissue for removal while also providing anesthesia. The gentle hydration of the water-emitting wand allows the surgeon to perform the fat removal procedure with precision and without any pain, while also sparing underlying vital structures such as nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics and muscle. The wand is carefully moved around to direct the water where it is needed. The pulsating jet of water works gently to detach stubborn fat without causing excessive swelling or bruising, unlike other liposuction procedures that have increased downtime due to a more aggressive approach. The gentleness of the devices allows for the removed fat (harvested fat) to be used for transfers to other areas that may require volume or contour such as the face, hands, buttocks, breasts or areas of previous liposuction or surgical irregularities. The result is an all-natural, beautiful, long-lasting/permanent volume increase and improved contour.

What kind of results can I expect with AquaShape?

You will be able to see your new body immediately following your water assisted liposuction in Beverly Hills, and can expect noticeable changes in the size and shape, contour, and definition of the area treated. Your body will be instantly slimmer and smoother, with little swelling or bruising due to the gentle nature of the water jet on fat cells and surrounding tissue. Skin in the treated areas will be smooth and even shape, with no lumpiness or irregularities commonly seen with other, more harsh methods.

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How can the AquaShape procedure help me?

Whether it’s removing unwanted body fat permanently or using your own fat as an natural filler and volumizer, the AquaShape™ procedure can help. Over time, our body contour changes and the skin has laxity and is loose. As well, collagen production slows down, giving wrinkles and stretch marks. There is also a significant reduction in the natural fat tissue that helps to give your body and face its youthfulness, lift, and shape.

Areas of genetic fat disproportion become more apparent such as significant bulges of the stomach, back, thighs, neck, and ankles and calves, which become exceedingly difficult to improve with exercise and diet alone. The AquaShape™ procedure allows you safely remove your unwanted body fat with little downtime, as well as use your own natural fat in order to restore youthfulness and shape back to the face, hands, breasts and buttocks that is changed or lost with the aging process.

How long until I can return to my normal activities after AquaShape?

The AquaShape procedure is so gentle and hydrating to the tissue prior to removing it that recovery is extremely rapid with little complications. You will need to wear a compression garment for a short time after your treatment to help your body adjust to its new contours, but swelling and bruising will be minimal. Rest is initially advisable, but most patients are able to resume to normal activities such as work and social events within 1-2 days after the procedure, and even strenuous exercise can be resumed within one to two weeks.

Water Assisted Liposuction FAQ

How much fat can be removed with AquaShape?

AquaShape is a very good option for patients who would like to a new contour, to smoothen or refine their shape, or give body definition. It is best for those with areas of stubborn fat or genetic disproportion that will not go away despite excellent diet or exercise. Since the water jet is so gentle to the tissues and the anesthesia is so precise and quick acting, fat can be removed safety in large or small quantities. Liposuction is not a fat reduction method, so those very over weight would not benefit from this type of procedure except in very specific cases such as those with lipedema or in preparation for certain types of surgical procedures.

Will I have any pain after my treatment?

Most patients experience a small amount of discomfort that is managed with over the counter pain medications (if needed). Most patients describe the discomfort as a "stretching," "pulling," or "sore" sensation rather than a sharp pain. Early massage, exercise, ultrasound, or radiofrequency treatments can also help improve post-operative discomfort or swelling and can aid in skin tightening. Avoiding a high-sodium or high-fat diet in the days before and after your procedure will help in the recover process.

Can the removed fat be used for facial fat transfers?

Yes. AquaShape is one of the best methods for harvesting fat for transfer since it doesn’t harm the fat cells. It gentle hydrates them and prepares them to be transferred, making it more effective that other devices on the market. The viable and healthy fat cells can be used to plump up an aging or sagging face, enhance the breasts, lift and re-volumize a drooping buttocks, rejuvenate the hands, or smooth out contours or cellulite.

What happens if I gain weight after my treatment?

No procedure can stop new fat from forming, unfortunately. With adequate diet and exercise, patients will see permanent reductions in fat and improvements in contour. Some patients who have gained weight do report that their new contours remain even after the additional weight gain since the fat accumulates differently than it did before. To maintain results, however, it is best to keep a stable weight after your procedure through proper nutrition and exercise.

How long will my results last?

Like other liposuction methods, AquaShape gives permanent results. Since the fat is completely removed, it will not return as long as you maintain a normal, healthy diet and level of exercise.