Male Breast Reduction Surgery for the Treatment of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the medical term referring to the development of excess glandular tissue of the male breast. This causes the appearance of enlarged female-like breasts. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, gynecomastia affects more than half of the male population. In general, gynecomastia results from the imbalance of the female (estrogen) and male (androgen) hormones.

This benign condition commonly arises in teenage boys due to fluctuating hormones. Adult males may begin to notice gynecomastia symptoms as they age and their testosterone levels decline while their body fat ratio increases. Certain medications and diseases can cause enlarged breasts in men, so it is important to rule out any other medical conditions with your doctor before considering gynecomastia surgery.

man that received male breast reduction

What is involved in gynecomastia surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is typically performed in an outpatient surgery center or office-based surgical suite. The patient and surgeon will discuss anesthesia preferences prior to the surgery, but the two common options are general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The surgery may involve surgical excision, liposuction, or a combination of both to remove the excess fatty tissue. In cases of excess glandular tissue, excision is more effective than liposuction alone.

Excision requires incisions along the edge of the nipple or underarm area so that the surgeon can remove the excess fat and glandular tissue. Liposuction may be the more appropriate removal tool when excess fatty tissue is the main concern. Liposuction uses a hollow tube called a cannula which is attached to a vacuum device to suction out the fat. Surgical times will vary based on the amount of reduction required, but a typical procedure lasts about 1.5 hours.

Indications you may need gynecomastia surgery

You may be a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery if you meet the following criteria:

  • A male patient that is bothered by, embarrassed of and/or ashamed of his enlarged breasts
  • A healthy individual with steady body weight and stable breast development
  • A healthy individual with realistic expectations of what gynecomastia surgery can achieve

Ideal candidates will have firm skin tone and elasticity. Teenage males can benefit from breast reduction surgery if gynecomastia is severe or has lasted for longer than two years.

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