While Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery is well-known for plastic surgery procedures, including liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast surgery, our surgeons are expertly qualified to handle all types of cosmetic surgeries and they are regularly called on to help patients who have been in accidents or experienced any trauma that has left them with physical scars.

Scar revision surgery is a favored procedure by our surgeons because of the complete change in confidence and personality it can offer patients who have often been through difficult experiences or have been forced to face self-esteem issues as a result of physical imperfections.

Some of the hot button questions patients seeking scar revision frequently ask include things like how long after an accident should I wait to seek scar revision, is scar revision a sure bet, do I need to quit smoking, and what type of scar revision treatment is best for me. The honest truth is that scars can form in a number of unique ways, and can also be addressed in a number of ways.

Just as with any form of plastic surgery, it is essential to visit a surgeon for a consultation and assessment before they are able to offer any definitive advice or recommend treatment.

Typically, our surgeons can determine whether or not a scar will require treatment within a month or two after a wound has closed, but the wound may require additional healing time before surgery is a viable option. However, in some cases, it may be possible to perform surgery rather shortly after an incident, but this is also left up to the determination of the surgeon.

It is also key to understand that while scar revision can greatly reduce the appearance of a scar, even to the point where no one notices, there may remain traces of where the scar once was and a smaller scar generally remains whose goal is to be far less noticeable. Depending on the location and type, some scars are more easily treated than others, but the surgeon will carefully explain any risks and possible outcomes along with the probable improvements before ever offering a patient treatment.

Scar revision is often a quick procedure, of course, dependent on the size, location, and distribution of scars. The recovery process is generally far milder than other plastic surgery procedures, but patients will need to refrain from smoking, blood thinning drugs, and adhere to healthy practice for the duration of recovery similar to any other plastic surgery.

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