Large, misshapen, or uneven labia can cause a loss of confidence and self-esteem. Women uncomfortable with their anatomy may become embarrassed and ashamed, shying away from intimate situations. More than that, bulky labia can cause discomfort and pain under certain clothing, with exercise, and during intercourse.

Disproportionate labia can cause:

  • Pinching or pain during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort under tight clothing or pants
  • An unsightly ‘bulge’ in swimwear
  • Embarrassment and loss of confidence
  • An avoidance of intimate situations

Changes in the shape of the labia major or labia minora can be the result of childbirth, illness, and genetics, as well as the normal aging process. Some women develop poorly shaped labia during their youth, while for others the changes will occur over time. Fortunately, Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery offers patients the Labiaplasty, a safe way to shape and sculpt the labia.

The Labiaplasty at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate excess skin from the labia minora and/or enhance the labia majora, improving the outward appearance of the vagina. The final results of a Labiaplasty will look attractive and feel comfortable.

The surgeons at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery has been providing patients with exceptional Labiaplasty results for over ten years. They are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have extensive training with vaginal rejuvenation. Over the years, the surgeons at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery has provided safe surgical techniques for vaginal rejuvenation in Beverly Hills.

The Ideal Candidate for a Labiaplasty

Any woman who is unhappy with the appearance of her vagina may make an excellent candidate for the Labiaplasty procedure. The ideal patient will be in good overall health, a nonsmoker, clearly understand the Labiaplasty procedure, and hold reasonable surgical expectations. It is also suggested that the patient be finished having children before undergoing a Labiaplasty, to better ensure long-lasting results.

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The Labiaplasty Consultation

Before the Labiaplasty procedure, patients will be scheduled for a private consultation at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery. At this time, the doctors will take a detailed medical history, perform a brief physical exam, and discuss the patient’s aesthetic goals. He will explain the Labiaplasty in full, and review the potential surgical risks.

Finally, they will show Before/After photos of recent patients, assisting with a visualization of the potential Labiaplasty results. If the Labiaplasty is determined to be the right procedure to meet a patient’s aesthetic goals, a personalized surgical plan will be created. The exact cost of the Labiaplasty will be determined during the consultation appointment and all payment options reviewed.

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The Labiaplasty Procedure

The Labiaplasty will be performed as an outpatient procedure as at Spalding Plastic Surgery Facility in Beverly Hills. Depending on the extent of correction required, the procedure will take between one and two hours to complete. Normally performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation, when the Labiaplasty is done in conjunction with another surgical procedure, general anesthesia may be used.

The surgery begins with a very small incision along the labia minora, just inside of the skin folds (the vaginal ‘lips’) of the labia majora. The excess skin is then trimmed to achieve the desired shape and size. Once the Labiaplasty is complete, dissolvable stitches will be placed for proper healing.

If the labia majora need to be enhanced, the doctors will perform fat grafting from unwanted fat usually from the abdomen or thighs.

The Recovery From a Labiaplasty

Patients can expect the recovery after a Labiaplasty to take approximately one to two weeks. Moderate discomfort may be experienced; appropriated pain medication will be provided to keep patients comfortable during the healing process. Swelling, bruising, and redness are common. These will resolve over the first few weeks.

Most patients are feeling well enough to return to work one to two days after their Labiaplasty procedure. A normal routine can be resumed in just a few days, although strenuous activates and exercise will need to be postponed for two to four weeks. Sexual intercourse should wait for four to six weeks to allow for healing and a full restoration of sensation.

The Results From a Labiaplasty

An immediate improvement in labia’s shape and size can be seen after surgery. As the swelling diminishes, over the following two to three months, full benefits of the Labiaplasty results will become apparent. The labia will be smaller and well defined. Tight clothing and exercise will once again be comfortable; and women can expect to find more confidence in their body.

Potential Complications of the Labiaplasty

The Labiaplasty can be an extremely safe and effective procedure; however, should only be performed by a surgeon with extensive experience in vaginal surgery. The Labiaplasty is an invasive procedure, so it is important to remember there is the small chance for complications to arise. Risks of the Labiaplasty include bleeding, scarring, loss of sensation, and asymmetry. At the Labiaplasty consultation appointment, the doctor will discuss all of the potential surgical complications.

Labiaplasty FAQ

What is the Labiaplasty procedure?

The Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reshape the labia. Large or misshapen labia can be the result of childbirth, genetics, or the normal aging process. By excising excess tissue, the Labiaplasty can restore natural-looking, aesthetically appealing labia. Fat grafting can be used to enhance the labia majora.

Who is a good candidate for a Labiaplasty?

Any woman who is uncomfortable with large or misshapen labia may benefit from the Labiaplasty procedure. The ideal candidate will be in good health, understand the Labiaplasty, and hold reasonable expectations for their results.

How is the Labiaplasty performed?

The procedure begins by making a small incision along the labia minora. From here, the excess skin and tissue will be excised. The doctor will sculpt the labia to an appealing shape and size, placing dissolvable stitches for proper healing.

What type of anesthesia will be used with the Labiaplasty?

The Labiaplasty may be performed using either local anesthesia with IV sedation, or under general anesthesia.

How long does the Labiaplasty take to complete?

Labiaplasty will take from one to two hours to perform.

Where is the Labiaplasty performed?

The Labiaplasty procedure will be performed at the Spalding Plastic Surgery Facility in gorgeous Beverly Hills, California.

Will there be pain after the Labiality procedure?

While mild to moderate pain may be experienced after the Labiaplasty, necessary pain medications will be provided to keep patients comfortable during their recovery.

Will the Labiaplasty impair the sensations of the labia?

Yes, patients should have a full restoration of sensation, after their Labiaplasty procedure. Temporary numbness may occur after surgery, although this will resolve during the healing process, normally within the first six weeks.

When can work be resumed, after a Labiaplasty procedure?

Most patients are feeling well enough to return to work one or two days after their Labiaplasty procedure.

Will the Labiaplasty result in visible scarring?

While the Labiaplasty does result in a very small scar, along the incision line, this will be well concealed within the natural folds of the tissues.

What are the risks of the Labiaplasty procedure?

The Labiaplasty is a safe procedure when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Complications are rare, but may include excessive bleeding, scarring, infection, and a permanent loss of sensation.