VelaShape III represents the latest in cutting-edge, non-invasive body contouring technology. VelaShape III is effective for cellulite reduction, skin tightening/firming, and reducing the circumference for versatile areas of the body such as: arms, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. In addition, VelaShape III remarkably improves the tone and texture of skin, leaving behind a youthful and smoother skin appearance. Whether you are displeased with your body following childbirth or gravity has made its presence known over the years, VelaShape III can help. An ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle, VelaShape III can increase the density of the dermis by triggering collagen production for thicker, firmer, and YOUTHFUL skin.

woman that received velashape
woman that received velashape

Why Have VelaShape III?

More than 80 percent of all women today report feeling displeased about cellulite in some areas of their body. Common areas where cellulite can develop include buttocks, thighs, stomach, flanks and upper arms. The VelaShape III precisely to combats the presence of cellulite, loose skin, and stubborn bulges in these and other areas, while reducing the girth of the area all at once.

Using a combination of infrared light, mechanical massage, pulsed vacuum and radio frequency (electrical current), your body receives a cellulite-reducing deep tissue massage in the affected areas. It is the only technology that brings together all of these cutting-edge therapies to produce visible cosmetic and therapeutic changes in your body.

Even while VelaShape III is contouring your body and reducing cellulite, it is also stimulating blood flow and circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, inducing the detoxification process, increasing collagen production (essential for younger looking skin) and improving metabolism at a cellular level. VelaShape III is the best option for preventing and correcting the effects of aging in the body. VelaShape III is completely safe and comfortable when performed correctly and by a certified expert – more than 3.5 million patients worldwide can attest to that. No pain is experienced during or after the procedure, unlike many other procedures that are available for patients today. However, its possible minor bruising may occur on your first visit.

VelaShape III Treatment

Unlike many invasive procedures, VelaShape III requires no special type of preparation before or after your treatment, except staying hydrated. In fact, you can even go back to work immediately following your treatment. And there will be no visible signs that you are being treated, so you won’t have to endure any awkward questions from coworkers or friends.

The VelaShape treatment may actually even turn out to be a very enjoyable, calming and relaxing experience, as many patients describe. The doctor will apply the VelaShape massage unit over the areas that you want to shape and contour.

As the machine begins to work, you will feel an active sensation as the rollers begin their deep massage. You will also feel radiant heat in the selected area as the treatment progresses. For many patients, it is described as "hot stone massage" – but a very pleasant experience overall. During your treatment you can close your eyes and rest, read a book, listen to your headphones or even interact on your mobile device if you like.

And you can look forward to seeing the results of VelaShape on your body after just one session – and increasing results as your sessions continue. The doctor will design a treatment plan that is best to meet your needs and goals, but typically you can plan for an initial schedule of weekly treatments tailored to your treatment goals, followed by maintenance sessions every one or a few months. If you want to work on additional areas as you begin to see the results, more sessions may be added to accommodate those needs.

Are You A Candidate for VelaShape III?

One of the best reasons to consider having a VelaShape III treatment is because there are no significant contraindications to this treatment – nearly everyone has the potential to be a good candidate.

The one caveat is that if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, have recently had a serious medical issue or surgery, have just recovered from a major injury or illness, are pregnant or nursing, we always encourage you to consult with your primary care physician to discuss the timing of your VelaShape III treatments.

Otherwise, VelaShape technology can be safely and effectively used as an anti-cellulite and anti-aging treatment for any person of any age. It’s also a preventative measure if treatment is started before the physical signs appear.

In particular, if you have suffered from body proportion imbalance in your lower body (abdomen, pelvis, buttocks, hips) due to the presence of cellulite, VelaShape III combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle can make a huge difference in your body confidence right from the first treatment.

woman that received velashape

VelaShape III FAQ

How long will the procedure last?

The typical session lasts 15-30 minutes, per treatment areas depending on the patient’s needs and body concerns. Most patients choose to have 2-3 treatment areas per visit, resulting in no more than 90 minutes. An example of a treatment area is: front thighs. Each thigh takes 15 minutes to treat, thus taking a total of 30 minutes.

What is a typical result?

On average, patients report losing 0.5 to 3 inches or more from one treated area. The most typical result after an initial course of treatments is a reduction of 1 dress size or 1 pant size. Patients also report a visible decrease in cellulite after 3 treatments, and furthermore experience an added benefit of tighter/firmer skin in the treated area after 3 treatments. Optimal results are achieved in 8 weeks after your first treatment.

What can I expect after the procedure?

The procedure is painless and some patients even fall asleep on the treatment table! Because the treatment revolves around a massage-type therapeutic process with heat, you may even notice you feel more relaxed with less pain and more energy. The only visible signs you have just had a VelaShape treatment may be a little reddening to the area of skin that has received treatment (this because of increased blood flow to the area). As well, the treated area(s) may feel warmer to the touch for an hour or so after the treatment. You will also soon start to notice your skin seems smoother, firmer, tighter and more radiant from better circulation and flushing of toxins post-treatment.

Are there risks?

No. VelaShape III is the latest generation of VelaShape technology, based on science that has been proven both safe and effective for over 10 years. VelaShape III is a FDA cleared device that has passed stringent testing and approval. There are no risks from receiving VelaShape treatment. However, patients who have a pacemaker or defibrillator, patients who have recently had or plan to have a major surgery, patients who have just become pregnant/nursing or have just given birth, or patients who have just recovered from a major illness or injury may want to consult with their primary care physician about the best timing of their VelaShape treatments.

How soon can I return to my daily activities?

Immediately. You will be able to return to work and all your regular daily activities right away with no down time.

How long to the treatment results last?

So long as the patient continues to maintain a consistent weight, pursue a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, the body contouring results produced by VelaShape treatments are long-lasting. Even if there is a small fluctuation in weight following treatments, the gain may be experienced more evenly all over the body as opposed to just in certain areas. As with cellulite, there is no cure, but regular maintanence will hold the results of the initial treatments. The skin firming/tightening results will generally require consistent treatments to stay on top of the natural collagen decline that occurs 6 mos after the intial.