VASER liposuction is the most advanced liposuction technique for sculpting, etching, and defining. It uses highly specific ultrasonic energy to heat up fat cells and remove them without any risk or damage to surrounding nerves, blood vessels, or connective tissue. The result is a significant reduction and permanent skin tightening.

Specifically, VASER is known as the "go to" device for hi definition liposculpting procedures such as "ab" sculpting or male "six-pack" surgery or for Brazilian butt lift or buttock shaping and contouring.

If you are seeking a tighter and more athletic appearance, reduction of fat, and improvement in skin tightening and cellulite reduction, VASER may be the perfect technology for you.

The VASER device itself is a third generation ultrasound liposuction device that was designed to safely and effectively remove unwanted body fat while also tightening skin and improving cellulite. The ultrasonic device transmits a series of pulses in order to gently and effectively break up the unwanted fat cells with little to no damage to the surrounding tissues.

The term ‘VASER’ means Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Its special ultrasonic energy is primarily transformed into vibration that targets fat cells using tiny probes (only 2-3 millimeters in length). The targeted fat cells are literally shaken and infused with a certain fluid, which the surgeons administer at the start of the procedure at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Last, they use small cannulas to suction out and thus remove the combination of fat and water, or emulsification.

Benefits of VASER liposuction

VASER technology delivers predictable, precise and safe results and VASER can be done on many body areas at once with very little downtime. Some of the main benefits this innovative technology can deliver include:

  • Addresses hard-to-repair or delicate areas on the body, including the neck, chin, buttock crease, and inner thigh, in order to get contoured and defined results with skin tightening.
  • Different from other kinds of liposuction, VASER is well suited for both large and small areas as well as fibrous areas. It has the added benefit of improving areas previously treated with liposuction (revision liposuction), those with fibrosis/scarring, irregularities, or distortions.
  • VASER has significantly less bruising, swelling, and trauma due to the predictable and precise pulsed ultrasonic energy that specifically targets fat cells only and avoids important surrounding structures like nerves and blood vessels.
  • Because the VASERlipo technique is much gentler than traditional liposuction, the discomfort level post-surgery is greatly diminished as well as the recovery time overall. In fact, most people have returned to their normal daily activities days to a week after the procedure.
  • With VASERlipo, significantly large amounts of fat can be eliminated in one setting and multiple body areas can also be treated during the same session.
  • In our practice, VASER liposuction is performed under local anesthesia using a fluid to gently numb the area prior to treatment. The potential risks that often accompany general anesthesia are eliminated. This technique also allows patients to be awake during the procedure and move around or flex their muscles to ensure the best possible contours and outcomes.
  • VASER liposuction can be used to perform hi definition procedures such as "ab" sculpting or male "six-pack" surgery and Brazilian butt lifting or buttock contouring. Additionally, fat removed can be harvested and used to shape or define muscles such as the shoulders, chest, buttock, and calves.
Woman that received vaserlipo

How VASERlipo works

Whether a major body shaping is desired or a simple touch-up on a certain localized area that was previously liposuctioned is needed, the surgeons of Beverly Hills, California, maybe able to help. VASERlipo is a highly effective type of innovative liposuction performed for precise body contouring and for etching and sculpting for those desiring more athletic or defined appearances.

First they inject a tumescent numbing fluid to the areas being treated. This tumescent fluid or numbing solution, acts both to limit bleeding by constricting blood vessels and also acts to numb the tissue with the local anesthetic in the fluid.

The tumescent saline solution hydrates the fatty tissue to better expose it to the ultrasonic energy of the VASER device. Small cannulas or titanium rods are used to transmit the ultrasonic waves, breaking down or emulsifying the fat and also tightening the skin. The procedure is finished by gently suctioning out the mix of fat and fluid from the targeted area without damaging the nearby tissues.

Risks of VASERlipo

Among the number of different liposuction procedures performed today, VASERlipo remains the most effective and safest. By using ultrasonic energy, this highly effective technique has been show to greatly reduce the damage to the target area’s surrounding tissues in order to minimize the impact to vital blood vessels.

Regardless of the specific liposuction technique used, every procedure has some degree of risk associated with the process. Although extremely rare, it’s important to consider the risks before you commit to VASERlipo surgery. Our well trained staff of aesthetic consultants will go over any concerns or questions you may have in detail in your initial consultation.

Potential VASERlipo surgery risks

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Post-surgical bleeding
  • Skin burns
  • Possible pain and numbness in the targeted area
  • Risk of developing inflammation or seroma (fluid collection)
  • It is important to know that it can take as long as 6-12 months to visibly notice the desired body contour and ultimate results.

None of these risks are unique to VASERlipo surgery, but are common to all liposuction procedures. However, they’re less common overall using VASERlipo and going to a well-trained dermatologic/cosmetic surgeon with certification in 4D VASER Liposuction.

VASERlipo is an excellent way for a person to lose resistant body fat in problem areas as well as get improved contour/shape and skin tightening. VASER liposuction has a number of advantages to other techniques or can be used with other devices to get superior results. Talk to us about what’s right for you and if you’re a good candidate for VASERlipo body contouring surgery.

Recovering from VASERlipo

Compared to other more conventional liposuction techniques, VASERlipo technology significantly decreases post-operative discomfort and pain. The decreased discomfort is a direct result of the gentle technique that VASERlipo employs.

Liposuction procedures have traditionally called for extensive recovery periods for as long as six weeks or more. The required recovery time for VASERlipo surgery varies anywhere from days to a few weeks and will greatly depend on the specific aspects surrounding your surgery. Recovery time is often affected by the following:

  • How much fat is eliminated from the body
  • Number of targeted areas where fat was eliminated
  • How your body specifically responds to the overall healing process
  • If fat is harvested and transferred during the procedure

Even though the recovery time will vary from person to person, most individuals who get VASERlipo can easily go back to work within a few days following the procedure. People who are especially active are likely more eager to start exercising right away and return to their daily activities. However, it’s crucial to be patient and let your body properly heal during the relatively short recovery time. Although lifting heavy objects is discouraged, most people have no problem returning to work and performing light duties after a few days and are back at the gym exercising in a few weeks.