The first non-surgical remedy for "double chin" has just been approved by the FDA, and the doctors at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles are among the first in the country to offer this life changing procedure to his patients. Kybella™, an injectable synthetic form of a naturally occurring bile salt produced in the body by the liver to degrade fats/fatty acids, is being heralded as one of the most anticipated new non-invasive, low-downtime cosmetic procedures since Botox® and may soon surpass it in popularity.

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What is Kybella™?

Submental fullness, or the "double chin", is a condition that affects millions of people and leaves them feeling self-conscious, insecure, and embarrassed by their facial profile. There are a number of contributing factors, such as heredity and age, and many of those who have undesirable fat beneath the chin often hope to improve their condition through proper diet and exercise. But sometimes that isn’t enough, and the stubborn "double chin" remains.

These people often turn to a plastic or dermatologic surgeon for advice, but may be discouraged to discover that their options are limited to surgical procedures like liposuction/liposculpting. That is, until Kybella™ hit the market.

The first non-surgical injectable treatment for severe convexity and submental fullness was recently approved by the FDA and is sweeping through the world of cosmetic surgery and building up a hype comparable to that of Botox®.

Kybella™ was developed as an alternative to invasive surgical procedures used to correct the "double chin" or excessive chin fat. Treatment is performed at the Spalding Drive Beverly Hills office through periodic sessions (spaced 4-6 weeks apart) in which injections are administered directly to the area under the chin where the stubborn fat exists. Kybella™’s main component is a synthetic form of a bile salt produced in the liver call deoxycholic acid, which helps stimulate the absorption of fat as well as destroying fat cells while leaving the surrounding areas unaffected.

Kybella Beverly Hills

Kybella™ Injections for Chin, Submental Fat Reduction and Neck Rejuvenation

Why Kybella™?

Kybella™ is the first non-surgical procedure approved to treat submental fat in adults. Double chins were previously corrected through liposuction/liposculpture, but many patients felt that it was too invasive for them. The need for a simple but powerful non-invasive alternative resulted in the development of Kybella™, which has been studied and proven to provide the same results of liposuction without the need for any incisions.

Kybella™ injections are administered by the doctors of Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery in the Beverly Hills office, designed specifically to treat submental fullness and moderate to severe convexity. Throughout the clinical trials, adults between the ages of 18 and 26 were administered Kybella™ injections and 68.2% of patients responded well, reporting noticeable differences in their chin profile after two to four sessions. 79% of patients reported satisfaction with their faces, chins and necks post-treatment and also noted an improvement in their self-confidence as well as a more positive body image. Those who felt self-conscious about their submental fullness reported feeling more confident with a thinner and more defined profile.

Kybella™ Treatments

Kybella™ is anticipated to become a procedure high in demand due to the excellent results and safety profile and the fact that it can be administered during a regular office visit with little downtime. Kybella™ injections typically take only a 15 minute session at the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles office The doctors of Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery will customize treatment sessions and individualizes treatment plans for each patient. The majority of patients who receive Kybella™ injections notice a more defined contour of their chin profile after only two to four treatment sessions. Up to six sessions may be needed and administered to achieve optimal results. Fifteen to twenty injections can be administered during one session and each subsequent session will take place one month (~4 weeks) apart. Patients will receive ice/cold packs, topical or local injectable anesthetic before the Kybella injections are administered. The doctors will discuss which of these pain-limiting options is right for each patient. The only adverse effects that have been noted after the first treatment, is swelling, redness and mild pain/inflammation which typically disappears before the end of the first week.

Are You a Candidate?

Like liposuction, Kybella™ is not a treatment intended to treat obesity. The ideal candidate for this procedure would be within 10 pounds of their ideal weight and practice a healthy lifestyle. Smokers and people on medication or with chronic health problems will have to speak with your physician to discuss whether or not they’re still eligible to receive Kybella™ injections. Patients with severe heavy chins/necks are not candidates and those with a lot of loose skin without fat are also not candidates. A formal evaluation with the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for Kybella™.

Kybella™ FAQ

How long will the procedure last?

Each Kybella™ injection session lasts around 15-20 minutes. Patients can receive up to six to eight consecutive sessions spaced one month (~4 weeks) apart. The number of injections administered during a single session will vary among patients depending on the severity of their submental fat and convexity. Some patients received as little as 12 while others had over 20.

Are there risks?

Like any cosmetic procedure, Kybella™ is accompanied with its own risks. While its nonsurgical approach gives it an advantage over more invasive procedures, the content of Kybella™ itself can make it dangerous if not administered properly. The injections’ primary component, deoxycholic acid, is a naturally-occurring molecule produced in the liver to degrade fat/fatty acids when eaten. When administered during Kybella™ procedures, the deoxycholic acid targets the submental fat beneath the chin and helps absorb it as well as destroying the remaining fat cells. Once these cells are destroyed, they can no longer collect and accumulate fat. However, deoxycholic acid also has the ability to destroy other cells, including skin cells, if not used properly. Kybella™ is available to core cosmetic physicians and its administration should only be entrusted with an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon like the doctors at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery, as they have the most knowledge of the facial and neck anatomy, understand the risks, and can administer the treatment properly with little risk of complications.

What can I expect after the procedure?

After your first Kybella™ session, you can expect very little complications besides minor stinging, burning or pain that resolves in the first 15-20 minutes. There is risk of excessive pain, numbness, bruising or prolonged swelling (a bullfrog-like look), but these side effects are rare and last from a few days to a few weeks. The duration, as well as the severity of the symptoms themselves, varies among patients.

How soon can I return to work?

Kybella™ is a non-surgical, non-invasive, low-downtime procedure. Since it is an injectable medication, you won’t have to go to a hospital and can be given the injections in a simple 15 minute office visit. Side effects such as mild pain, burning, itching or bruising post-treatment may be normal and resolve in a few hours to a few days. For most patients, these effects are minor and they may continue their work schedule as normal. Others may have more intense swelling, inflammation, bruising and pain at the injection site for days to weeks following a treatment. Patients may want to take a day or two of work to recover after a Kybella™ treatment. Please discuss your concerns with your doctor if you have a busy social calendar.